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Astrology malas are a combination of specific beads or rudrakshas to correct the energies working on you. They are extremely beneficial to weaken the malefic effects of the ill placed planets or any other planetary doshas. Rudraksha beads also work upon body chakras. There are also gemstone malas to strengthen the favorable planets. There are gemstones for each moon signs like Ruby stone for Sun, Pearl stone for Moon, Coral stone for Mars etc.

The astrological malas can be used either use as prayer beads or can be worn. The list of instructions that you will receive along with your order will help you benefit through it.

As you are aware, due to the global health crisis, governments across the world have imposed safety measures to control the outbreak of the disease. Accordingly, we are temporarily stopping the product services.

We will update this page, once we resume our product services. We truly appreciate your patience and offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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This is a special diamond cut citrine mala suitable for use for Jupiter. Citrine is a gemstone considered compatible with Jupiter. It can be either worn or used for counting recitations of sounds.

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