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Jade Mala

Jade is a stone for protection. The sacred gemstone enhances the benefit of lord Mercury. Mercury encourages intelligence and analytical skills in a person. The gemstone supports love, courage and wisdom and attracts friendship and good luck. Jade is also associated with heart energy. It provides protection to lungs, liver and kidneys. Counting the beads, while reciting or chanting mantra for Lord Mercury, will energize your Jade mala. You can wear the mala after meditation.
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These jade malas were energized in an 11th Moon Vishnu Fire Lab. Jade is known as a Stone of Protection. It provides a barrier against attacks and illness. Jade balances male/female energies and encourages travel for personal growth as well as helps in making the dream process productive and healing. Vishnu's quantum sound frequency: Om Namo Narayanaya Namaha. You may wear this mala or use it to count recitations of quantum sound frequencies.

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