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Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

Taurus Monthly Horoscope - November, 2018
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General: This month would be favorable on almost all fronts. Every work you do would be perfect. You shall have a good time with your friends or associates, who would admire you deeply. Be prepared for handling multiple works at the same time. Your reputation in your social circle would increase this month. You would participate in get-togethers and may get involved in social service. Your strict principles can make you succeed in all activities. You need to develop a cordial relationship with your neighbors and spend time with them. You may purchase an asset jointly with your partner. Your health shall be normal this month.

Love Relationship: Your love relationship would be casual this month. You would be able to clear misunderstandings in the existing love relationship. Couples shall enjoy their time very effectively. Your domestic life would be peaceful and romantic. You may take up domestic works effectively, which shall improve your relationship. You may get married to an alliance of your choice.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Lord Mars Pooja

Finance: Financially, this shall be a sound month for you. You would get financial benefits from different sources. You shall have a very normal expenditure. Get involved in systematic investments for future prospects. You may meet some financial advisors, who would offer their valuable support to you.

Divine Technique to improve Financial Status: Lord Mercury Pooja

Career: Career upliftment shall give new hopes and desires this month. You need to present yourself properly. Befriend your subordinates, who would be supportive to you at all times. You may have frequent travels this month. Be ready for work-related trips, which can be expected during the middle of the month. You need to improve your skills, which can help to handle multiple challenges.

Divine Technique for Career Progress: Lord Saturn Pooja

Business: Business growth would be normal this month. You would make some changes in execution and plan of action, which shall work effectively. Client’s response would assure your growth in business. Be flexible for travels in business. You may form new partnership in business, which shall meet your expectations.

Professionals: You would work dedicatedly for fulfilling your professional tasks. Give importance to your pending works this month. Your actions shall have a positive reaction, giving you satisfaction. Most of your coworkers would follow your principles, as they would feel more comfortable. Maintain punctuality at your workplace.

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Health: Your health condition would have good progress this month. You shall enjoy natural strength in your body and feel more active. You would look more young and energetic. Practice meditation, which can give you mental satisfaction. Protect yourself from skin allergies and pollution effects this month.

Divine Technique for a Healthy Living: Lord Sun Pooja

Student: Students would perform well in their respective subjects. Your performance in sports shall bring you a good name. Simultaneously, you need to give importance to your studies too. Your research work would get completed properly and you shall complete your higher education within the expected time. Your parents would feel happy for your success.

Auspicious dates: 7th, 8th, 9th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 27th, and 28th

Inauspicious dates: 4th, 11th, 19th, 24th, 29th and 30th