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Leo Monthly Horoscope - June, 2022
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General: Leo natives may face some ups and downs in June 2022. Therefore, this month could well be a mixed bag for you. There can be a loss of money at the start of the month, but your financial condition might become strong at the month end. Luck may also favour you mostly, but you could become lazy and avoid working hard for your success or benefits. In the process, your work and success may slow down this month. In addition, you could also become idealistic and daydream a lot and thus not be very practical. However, gains from foreign lands and foreign contacts are indicated. Travelling in a foreign land can give you money, success, and recognition, while some Leos may also prosper in foreign countries this month.

Love Relationship: Your love life is likely to be pleasing and peaceful. However, singles may have to wait longer for any meaningful encounter or serious love relationship to develop in their lives. But your partner might be loyal, trustworthy, and supportive. Also, married couples should have peace in their marital life, and their domestic atmosphere looks harmonious. However, your spouse's health may give some tension to you for a short period. Anyway, you may spend some romantic time and intimate, memorable moments with your partner in June 2022. The newly married may also go to some exciting, exotic places where their passion and bond can grow even further.

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Finance: Your financial position may not be stable or sound at the start of June 2022. However, it might improve towards the end of the month. Your expenses could be high, and you may also have to spend a lot on medication and the health issues of family members. However, gains from trading, import-export, and speculative activities are possible at the month-end; still, you may suffer losses in your business at the start of the month. On the other hand, your investments can bring gains, and you may also earn handsome amounts of money through renting or selling your properties. But it is better to stay away from betting and extravagant indulgence activities.

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Career: The unemployed may get good jobs at the start of June 2022. However, your promotions and increments can get delayed, while those looking for government jobs may not get the desired outcome. Besides, some setbacks in the entertainment and media fields are also possible. There might be some struggles in your career, too, till the first half of the month, whereas some may lose crucial opportunities in life. Moreover, there could be a lot of work pressure and some tiff with your colleagues and seniors. Some people may also suffer due to office politics. However, those working in banks and public sectors can receive some gains at the end of June. Besides, you could do reasonably well in management, advertising, and promotional fields.

Business: Self-employment can give you good gains in June 2022. Hotel, food, and travel business may yield success and wealth, while you could also earn popularity as a travel blogger or sportsperson. Additionally, success in textiles, garments, jute, and agriculture-related business looks assured, and you may make profits from real–estate business or construction work. Grocery shops are also likely to run well this month. However, there could be some losses in your transport business. But moderate profits from the oil and dairy business are indicated for the Leos in this period. Besides, those in the artistic and creative fields may face several obstacles and struggles this month.

Professionals: Doctors, engineers, IT professionals, and journalists may have a hectic and busy schedule in June 2022. But the Leo natives might not be happy with their daily work routine or monotonous life. There could also be a lack of progress and sometimes a lack of respect in your work life from authorities. There are also chances for some to lose their jobs or authoritative positions now, though they may acquire new jobs or new posts very quickly.

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Health: The health of Leo natives looks fine in June 2022, with no major health problems. But please drive your vehicle carefully in this period. However, some people may suffer from fever, stomach upset, and skin problems, but they, too, should recover well. On the other hand, those suffering from chronic ailments may get significant relief this month. Although your energy might be low and your lifestyle monotonous, your health looks fine overall. Please take good care of the health of your spouse, children, and other family members.

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Student: Leo students may not be able to focus much on studies during June 2022. Some may not get the expected or desired results in their exams or interviews. Due to a lack of focus and proper planning, you may also suffer from failure or minor setbacks in your educational pursuits. Your study routine may not be stable, and you might have to face many obstacles in your academic endeavours and some struggles in your school and college life. Besides, teachers and authorities may not remain very pleased with you now.

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Auspicious dates: 1, 2,5, 10,11, 15, 16,20, 24,25,29,30

Inauspicious dates: 8,9, 12,13,17,18, 26,27, 28