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Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

Leo Monthly Horoscope - July, 2022
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General: Leo natives may get mixed results with ups and downs in life during July 2022. Some setbacks or dejection regarding your health and career can give some tension. You might also lack in making proper plans or in the implementation of any of your dealings or pursuits, and your important endeavors can get delayed. However, there can be some profits in your business or self-employment, but the overall career growth could be slow and low, whether in job or business. You could face some hardships or sorrow as there might be a constant struggle in your personal and professional lives. Further, you may also find it hard to maintain a balance in life. Though family life may be normal, some conflicts and ego tussles can still exist.

Love Relationship: There are chances for you to suffer in your love life during July 2022. Some of you might even get cheated, or your partner may break your heart during this period. Single Leo natives can get involved in casual flings or clandestine love affairs for a short period, whereas there can be a feeling of aloofness and sorrow in your romantic life. Your love affairs, too, may not materialize into something significant. However, your married life can bring some relief and happiness to you. Your spouse could be devoted, caring, and supportive in this time. Some Leos may also go out on exotic foreign tours with their spouses, while some can go on short pleasure trips. There could be peace and satisfaction in your life at the end of the month. But, you need to take good care of your family and spouse’s health now.

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Finance: Income flow can be slow in July 2022 for many Leo natives, which could be predominantly liquid money. Your money may get stuck somewhere for a while during this month, while some may suffer from debts and loans. Some people may face the burden of loans and interests. A few may not pay their tax or rent on time as there might be a high unwanted expenditure with no savings. Losses through investments or speculative activities are possible. So, this month may not be very prosperous or lucky for many Leo natives. However, there can be slow progress or growth in your financial stature and prosperity at the end of the month.

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Career: Growth in the career graph can be slow this July for many Leo natives. There could be many burdens of hectic tasks and busy schedules that you may not be able to complete before the time. As a result, there might be some delays in your essential duties. And seniors and authorities may not be pleased with your performance at the workplace in July 2022. Further, some people may lose important positions or designations, especially in government jobs. Although you could be proficient in your work, there might be some office politics, and people may hatch some conspiracies against you. Besides, you can also fall prey to conflicts and false allegations at the workplace, especially in government service. So, please stay away from any scandal or financial cheating. In addition, art and creative projects, too, can get delayed, while there could be some setbacks in your showbiz business or entertainment sector.

Business: There can be some profits and gains in your partnership business and for the self-employed this month, though there might be no significant progress in your occupation in July 2022. Entrepreneurs may have to work hard to get desired profits or income. Also, this month doesn’t look good to start something new or fresh, dear Leos. Nevertheless, speculations and investments may give you some gains at the end of July. On the other hand, the stock and shares market may fetch minimal profits, whereas real-estate, food, and Agriculture businesses might give you good progress after mid-July. However, the cosmetic and import-export industries may provide losses to many Leo natives.

Professionals: You may lose hope of growth, increments, and promotions in your jobs and occupation this month. Also, there may not be any significant progress in your career in July 2022. Those in creative and showbiz professions may face failures and sadness. And those in the media, sports, and entertainment industries may have to work extremely hard with patience to get desired success or outcome. However, artistic pursuits, writing, and the field of astrology can give you slow progress and moderate income after mid-July. Besides, some may also fail in getting government jobs even after much struggle and hard work during this month. Self-employment or newly started work, too, could take time to flourish and prosper. But there can be some favors from the government for some Leo natives.

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Health: The health of Leo natives or their family members can become problematic in July 2022. Some of you may suffer from liver, blood, or heart issues. In addition, there can be fever and loss of blood platelets for some. Blood-related issues, eye trouble, or digestive problems could harm your peace and quality of life. Besides, minor injuries can also happen due to accidents or fights. Moreover, the health of family members may not also be stable, and some could suffer from cold, cough, fever, and breathing problems. Your energy and immunity might be low, but things should improve by month-end. In addition, a few can suffer from skin diseases, and extra expenses on medication look to be very much on the cards.

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Student: Leo students may not be able to concentrate fully on their studies during July 2022. There can be distractions due to entertainment and romantic flings for some. Although, some students can do reasonably well in their exams and interviews, get desired college placements, and get their dream jobs through higher studies and scholarships in a foreign land this July. You may also win in sports competitions or debates for your educational institutions. Teachers, too, can favor you in your academic pursuits in July 2022.

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Auspicious dates: 5,8,12,13,16,19,26,27,30,31

Inauspicious dates: 1,9,10,11,17,28,29