Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

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General: This would be a moderate period for you. You may be emotionally upset due to quarrels and unnecessary tensions in the family. You should be clear in social communications, which may increase vastly. Relationships with neighbors would improve noticeably. Unexpected difficulties may come in personal life, which may need amicable action. Be confident while attending to works. Financially, you need to monitor unnecessary expenses, which may arise this month. Your health condition would be normal. You would look quite energetic in your daily work.

Love Relationship: You may get new proposals for marriage, which would be good for selection. You need to select a good alliance as per your thoughts for starting your personal life. Your love life would go normally. However, your efforts to express yourself romantically may not be possible. Couples shall have a pleasant time by overcoming minor egoistic complications.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Venus Pooja

Finance: During this month, hard efforts may be needed to meet your financial commitments. Your financial affairs might be unsatisfactory due to blockage of funds; there would be unexpected losses due to your carelessness. You must remain careful on fulfilling commitments. Take extra care on property matters, both buying and selling, to make them financially advantageous.

Divine Technique to Improve Financial Status: Rahu Pooja

Career: This is a neutral time for professionals. Your interaction with colleagues would be fine, and you would get desired support from them on general works. Management would be pleased with your performance. You would get a good name for your work. You need to maintain consistency in your job.

Divine Technique for Career Progress: Jupiter Pooja

Business: Business plans may not progress well this month. Keep patience for the right time to strike. There may be many travels, which can lead to physical strain. You may have to deal with some activities directly for the betterment of work. Give special attention to the pending work to understand the loopholes of your partners.

Professionals: This month is the time to be alert in your work. You would look quite systematic in work but, somehow, you may lag in dignity and make some mistakes in important matters. Be clear and clever with activities. You need to be flexible for travel, which may probably come your way. Maintain punctuality in reaching the workplace.

Health: Health condition would be fine during this month. The inner peace and happiness shall help you stay energetic. Practicing meditation would help you to stay fit.

Divine Technique for Healthy Living: Mercury Pooja

Student: Students may tend to work hard during this time. Your progress would keep you happy. You may increase rapport in the institution and get honors. There are chances for a joyful trip with your friends. Your parents would feel happy about your progress in studies and enhancement of candidature.

Divine Technique to Perform Well in Academics: Goddess Saraswathi Pooja

Auspicious dates: 2nd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 17th, 19th, 23rd, 25th, and 26th.

Inauspicious dates: 4th, 8th, 11th, 21st, 27th, and 28th.