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Hematite Mala

Hematite is gemstone for planet Saturn. The silvery opaque stone helps to deal with the difficult energies of Saturn. Made up of iron oxide, hematite promotes balancing and grounding effects and it improves the mental abilities. The gemstone was used in ancient time to cure irregular flow of blood and fall in blood count. It strengthens and regulates blood supply, prevents anemia and cardio vascular disorders and protects kidneys Counting the beads, while reciting or chanting mantra for Lord Saturn, will energize your Hematite mala. You can wear the mala after meditation.
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These malas were energized in a Saturn Fire Lab. Hematite enhances mental activity, balances Yin-Yang energies (male/female) and emotions as well helps those dealing with difficult energies from Saturn. It also dissolves negativity. You can wear this mala or use it to count recitations of quantum sound frequencies.

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