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Tarpanam is a simple yet powerful act to change your destiny. It is a technique of satisfying your ancestors by offering them food, black sesame seeds, rice and water and seeking their blessings. The ancestors when satisfied will help to clear energy blocks, negative tendencies and shortcomings in your life. Our trained experts in Tarpanam will ensure that the right procedures are followed to satisfy the ancestors and help them move to higher planes of light.
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Amavasya denotes the onset of the new Moon, which gradually goes on to evolve into the full Moon. The dark side of the Moon is considered to be the Pithru Loka, and this portion gets exposed to the Sun on the New Moon Days. Performing the Tarpanam Ritual on Amavasya day helps us obtain the blessings of departed souls. It also drives away curses and other evil effects which bog us down.

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Your ancestors can bless you with the greatest miracles because they are closer to you, and you are a part of your lineage. When an ancestor gets elevated through your Tarpanam offerings, he or she becomes a guardian who is ready to protect you and fulfill your needs. The specific offerings during Tarpanam help your ancestors move on to a higher realm and help you gain the favorable blessings of your ancestors.

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What is Tarpanam? It is strongly believed that your dead ancestors are governing your destiny! The greatest contribution of India to the world is her spiritual science. No civilization, however old it may be, has ever attained the level of sophistication, reached by the yogis and siddhas of India. What makes Maha Tarpanam so different- So much more profitable- Than any other remedy you have performed? We hold solid proof that performing Tarpanam Rituals works miracles in your life!

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