Moon Pooja

Moon Pooja

Planet Moon rules over our mind, heart and emotions. Moon is the karaka of our mind and heart. Moon represents our thought process, belief, ideology, creativity, emotions, ideas etc. Moon is also the governing planet of our skin, brain cells, emotions, sentiments and body fluids.
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Temple: Nine Planets- Moon

Planet Moon rules over our mind, heart and emotions. Moon is the karaka of our mind and heart. Moon represents our thought process, belief, ideology, creativity, emotions, ideas etc. Moon is also the governing planet of our skin, brain cells, emotions, sentiments and body fluids.

In India Worshipping Moon is the regular and common practice as many people observe fast on Ekadasi (Eleventh lunar Moon Waxing Day), Poornima (Full Moon Day) and on Amavasya (Dark Moon or No Moon night). It is believed that Keeping fast on these lunar thitis can bring peace, prosperity in life.

Moon is very flexible and gullible planet like its shape which keep changing. Moon in your horoscope also behaves like those planets which conjuncts Moon or aspects Moon. Moon rules over Cancer Zodiac sign in our Vedic Astrology system. It rules over metal silver as well.

Worshipping Lord Shiva daily can negate the ill effects of Moon to some extent.

  • Moon in Vedic Astrology:- Ruling Day- Monday
  • Colour-White
  • Direction- North-West
  • Nature- Calm, serene
  • Friendly Planets:- Jupiter, Sun , Mars
  • Enemy Planet- Rahu, Ketu, Saturn
  • Neutral Planets- Mercury, Venus
  • Own sign- Cancer
  • Exalted Sign- Taurus (up to 5 degree)
  • Debilitated sign- Scorpio
  • Ruling Metal – Silver
  • Dasha period- 10 years
  • Gemstones- Silver Moon Stone, Pearl

Afflicted Moon and Dosha:-

Moon in your horoscope can get easily afflicted by conjunction with Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or if getting aspected by these planets. Moon gets weak in the sign of Scorpio, Capricorn and Gemini. Moon also gets weak if no planet is placed in its either side of the house. Lordship and placement over 6th house, 8th house or 12th house can also make moon go weak in your birth chart.

The Dosha or malefic yoga which are formed due to affliction of Moon are Grahan Yoga, Kemadrum Yoga etc. Afflicted moon can negatively affect our mind, body, career, mental peace, domestic harmony, our health, Mother’s health, loss in property etc.

Those whose Moon is weak in chart also goes through scary dreams , negative energies surrounding them, ghostly dreams or encounters etc.

Weak moon causes loss of self -confidence, defective speech , psychological issues etc. One may become very aggressive or short tempered if one’s moon is afflicted or weak in Horoscope.

Moon(Chandra) Pooja:-

Weak Moon can heavily affect your finances, mental peace, health, education, reputation and relationships. So, one needs to do Moon Pooja, HOMA, Abishekam to nullify the negative effects of Weak or afflicted Moon.

So, for removing the obstacles , illness and hindrances to attain mental peace and prosperity regarding your health, career and wealth you need to appease planet Moon and nullify any inauspicious and unfavourable results or Dosha of Moon.

Benefits/Blessings of Moon Pooja:-

Moon Pooja or Chandra Pooja imparts materialistic prosperity, mental peace, satisfaction, domestic harmony and loving relationship with mother and spouse. Moon Pooja grants Good fortune and good growth in our career prospects. It can also give relief from diseases and long chronic diseases. It removes any kind of skin and blood related disease or psychological issues as well. Moon Pooja grants success in getting especially government job concerning public service or masses as well. Regular flow of income and prosperity and good multiple properties in life is also one of the blessings of Moon Pooja.

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