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Daily Horoscope by Moon Sign

Gemini Daily Horoscope - Tuesday, 18th December, 2018

Gemini General Horoscope

Gemini General Horoscope:
Not much activity will be seen for the day. You need to exert control over your emotions, as you will be tempted to lose your cool during challenging times. You need to keep yourself relaxed to see better results. You will also have concern over the progress of your children.

Gemini Career and Business Horoscope

Gemini Career and Business Horoscope:
The Work front will pose instability. This will render you incapable of handling your responsibilities effectively. Colleagues will not be co-operative and will you fail to get due recognition from your superiors.

Gemini Love and Relationships Horoscope

Gemini Love and Relationships Horoscope:
It could become difficult to express your love freely to your partner. You will lack the enthusiasm to enjoy the day with your partner.

Gemini Money and Finances Horoscope

Gemini Money and Finances Horoscope:
Insufficiency of money will be seen. Increasing commitments will render you incapable of maintaining a good bank balance. This will cause you worries.

Gemini Health Horoscope

Gemini Health Horoscope:
Your health will not be satisfactory. This will be due to some unwanted mental stress.

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