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Love Horoscope

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Love is the key to a successful and happy relationship. While some of us find it lucky to find our perfect partner with minimal efforts, some may find it hard in finding their right partner. There is a term 'soul mate', which denotes your ideal life partner. Finding your soul mate not only requires just physical attraction/compatibility, financial strength, etc. but also importantly involves the compatibility of planets in your birth chart with that of your partner.

Love horoscope is that particular branch of Vedic astrology, which helps you in finding out your partner with horoscope compatibility. This involves matching your zodiac sign, birth star and other vital factors with your partner’s horoscope. Love horoscope also answers your long pending love questions such as - when can you propose to your partner, how strong will your relationship shape up in future, when will you get married, etc. and help you build a cordial, loving and happy relationship.

AstroVed’s astrologers have written several articles and predictions on Love horoscope & its significant role in finding your right partner or tying the wedding knot with your special one. Read on to get a deeper insight into your relationship- how to strengthen and protect your existing relationships.

Love horoscope

Your Love And Relationship Horoscope

Prepare yourself for all the good things coming your way, and prepare yourself to face the challenges in love life. Find out what is in store for your Love life today

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Love is in the Stars

Know the destiny of your love life from your birth chart! As the famous saying goes 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus,' these two planets play an important role in Vedic Astrology in determining your love life. The placement of these two planets in your birth chart reveals a lot more about relationships and intimacy you share with your partner.


Who is the Perfect Partner for You?

Are you searching for someone special in your life? Choosing the correct partner for your life is as important as not ending up with the wrong one! Do you want to know if you are with the right person? Are you thinking about approaching your love or smoothly end a problematic relationship?

Get our 360-degree love profile to seek help from Vedic astrology to attract the right partner, get answers to all your relationship queries and enjoy a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Is He/She Mr/Miss Right?

Are you already in a loving relationship, but confused about whether it is an infatuation or the destined one? Find out if he/she is the right person for you and if you both are meant for each other!

Get our detailed report to find how compatible you are with your partner; evaluate the chemistry you share with your special one and how far the relationship shall take you.

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Love and Romance
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