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  Divine Protection Rituals for Dogs

If you have a dog in your house, you might want to check objectively how the dog affected your life. You get a dog and within a few days you can have a dramatic shift in your finances, or buy an apartment or something material. Sometimes, you can also have bad luck with the dogs.

Spiritual Nature of Dogs

You should do spiritual care for your pets. They can do a lot to dissolve your sins. It seems very intriguing, but dogs can dissolve human sins.

As per Siddhas (inner scientists), the front of the dog (face, neck, chest) represents daytime, and the rear of the dog represents night-time. Day and night together represent time.

This is a spiritual truth – the Karma you have done during the daytime and the night-time can be released when you feed dogs.

Connect with Your Dog

There are many mysteries about dogs. Sometimes great masters and even angels incarnate as dogs. They are there in your household to protect you. You might think you are watching over your dog, but the opposite is true. The dog is your guardian angel.

You can have a real communion with your dog on 8th Moon phases. Give them a bath, feed them some cashews and food items they like.

Protect Your Dog

Dogs are prone to attacks by spirits. Spirits are everywhere, we do not see them. However, dogs can see spirits, and often respond to a spirit by barking. Dogs are also very intuitive about things that are going to happen.

Sometimes, the spirits do not want the dogs to reveal their presence to the humans. So, they can threaten and sometimes even hurt the dogs. That is the time when the dogs begin to bark at the spirits. The spirits can also make the dogs to have disturbed sleep.

Help Your Deceased Dog

You should do something for the soul of your deceased dog to leave the earth plane, so that they will have a better rebirth. Invariably, everyone should pray for the rebirth of your dog with better conditions. Maybe a human birth could be a next step in evolution.

Dogs are like human beings when they depart the earth plane. There is a special ritual that will help your dog to cross over. The ritual is similar to the one that is done in context to the human departed spirits. Once they cross over, their souls can help you with your projects. So, it is important to help the soul of deceased dogs to cross over.

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