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The idols of the deities though made out of stone or five-metals or any other material are not considered as mere inert objects, but as active matter imbibed with energies that can connect and resonate with human life forms. They have manifested in various forms on earth, thus making themselves available to influence and elevate the lives of those who are willing to connect with them. Though offering delicacies like sweets and fruits etc is a way of expressing our gratitude for the divine forms, there is a practical intelligence involved. 

Of the six tastes, only sweet taste is considered generally satwic. The satwa energy is pure, light, clear and calming, harmonizing, opens the mind and promotes wakefulness. Fruits are natural sweets which are pleasant in taste and nourishing for the body. Though spices are considered rajasic, certain spices like ginger, cardamom, turmeric, basil, black pepper etc are satwic in nature which are also used in mild quantities in preparing the foods for the deities. They are a part of yogic diet due to their calming effect on heart and improving perception. Similarly, brown rice, nuts and seeds, milk, honey, raw sugar and jaggery are also satwic foods and when consumed in balance provide better power of perception, as they nourish both the brain and the heart.

These offerings come from the practical logic to encourage the use and consumption of satwic foods as a healthy body and mind building mechanism. Such foods allow the mind to stay clear and focused.

It can be easily observed that behind all the practices that are performed as remedies, there is a clear understanding of the mechanics of body-mind-consciousness and their relatedness. Understanding this underlying principle helps to appreciate and approach the remedies with better focus and reverence.

In Kerala temples offering sweet porridge is a very common offering. It is a simple but a very effective remedy.

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Panapayasam is the sweet porridge made of a special sugar candy offered to Hanuman

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Jaggery payasam for Bhagavathi, Hanuman, Snake God

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Yellow porridge is cooked rice mixed with turmeric and selected spices.

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Milk payasam for Bhagavathi, Sudarshana, Hanuman and Snake God

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Special jaggery sweet porridge offering to Goddess Bhagavathi

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Offerings to Snake God: Kadali Kula – 1 big bunch

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