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Nadi Origins

Nadi Origins

The source of Nadi leaves can be traced back to over 2000 years. However, the recent history indicates the following developments.

Preserved in Tanjore

Nadi leaves were preserved by the Chola Dynasty in South India between 10th to 13th Century AD. The King of Tanjore – Serfoji II, a true patron of art and sciences, had safely kept the Nadi leaves in the palace library called ‘Saraswathy Mahal’.

Originally in Sanskrit, he had the palm leaves translated into the ancient Tamil script called ‘Vatta ezuthu’.

Sold by British

Many of the Nadi leaves were destroyed during the invasion of Mughals and the British. While the Mughals asked them to be burnt, the British took many of them and sold them to a few families through auctions. One of these families – the Valluvar community – has carefully retained them.

Back in Service

Today, the nerve center for Nadi Astrology is at the famous Shiva vortex in Tamil Nadu, South India.

Only select Nadi Readers, who have learnt the secret art from their forefathers, continue to interpret the Nadi leaves for seekers who wish to transform their destiny.

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