Divine Technology to Resolve Life Problems and Avoid Pitfalls

“It is not enough to know your destiny, whether good or bad. But, through the Nadi remedies, you can change it.”
~ Dr. Pillai

Nadi Astrology Remedies

Nadi Astrology is one of the most powerful ways to remove your karma through the divinely prescribed temple and ritual remedies that target the removal of sins impacting your daily life. Remedies can solve your life’s problems, challenges, suffering, and unfavorable situations and ‘Course Correct’ your life’s path. This technology for life transformation is pure Grace. You will be attracted to seek your Nadi leaf at a time in your life when you are due for a change in your destiny.

Your Nadi also highlights opportunities available to you that you might not be able to see or realize. The Rishi wrote down your soul’s roadmap on your Nadi leaf. After the reading, you can remedy your past mistakes by performing the prescribed list of ‘remedies’ or ‘course corrections’ that can put you back on a promising path.

Remedies Prescribed in Chapter 13: Vortexes of Prescription Energy

Chapter 13, called the ‘Shanti Kandam,’ is perhaps the most powerful of all the Nadi chapters because of the solution (Remedies) it prescribes for the root causes of problems you are experiencing. These prescribed solutions go right to the core of the issues, so the prior birth outlined is likely not one in which you did all good deeds but one in which your actions created heavy karma for yourself. In this birth, you are experiencing the results of that karma.

Nadi 13th Chapter remedies suggest visiting energy vortexes to make simple yet powerful offerings. We are all energetic beings. By resonating with the energy of a specific vortex, your past unfavorable karmic energy signature gets ‘re-tuned,’ and your being gets rerouted back to the right path. Performing the listed remedies can negate the residual effects of your past actions and allow you to progress towards your goals in this lifetime. You get a 2nd chance! We offer Proxy Remedies in the listed package, done by our dedicated temple staff. However, you are invited to South India to make the Nadi Remedy In-Person Trip. Please inquire at nadi@astroved.com.

Sample of Chapter 13 Transcription

Remedies Prescribed in Chapter 14: Personal Sacred Sound Infused Talisman

Remedies Prescribed in Chapter 14: Personal Sacred Sound Infused Talisman

Chapter 14, called the ‘Diksha Kandam’ Remedies are considered long-term remedial measures. They can help overcome both the problems of your present life and future lives. Performing the remedies prescribed in this chapter can counteract the ill effects that are causing you delays, creating obstacles and sicknesses, and alleviate negativities such as evil eyes, black magic, witchy tricks, etc. A specific chant, a sacred sound (mantra or hymn), will be prescribed that can rectify your current problems.

You will receive an energized copper ‘Raksha Plate’ (protection talisman). The daily ritual will be performed, and mantras will be chanted per the instructions in chapter 14 to energize the plate. Please note that if not already prescribed in 14th chapter, we recommend that your Raksha Plate be encased in a gold or silver amulet and be worn around your neck. The protective energies will be with you next to your skin.

Remedy Prescription

Before ordering your remedies, you should have completed the reading of Chapters 1, 13, and 14 through AstroVed.

Your Remedy Prescription will be revealed in your Nadi Reading only. Once you finish your reading, you will receive the details of the Remedies and simple instructions on how to order them.

If you opt for the Nadi Reading and Remedies Combination Value Package, both Chapter 13th and 14th remedies list will be sent to you, and separate alerts when the Proxy and the Raksha Plate Energization have been initiated and then upon completion.

Once you’ve read Chapters 1, 13 & 14, please email nadi@astroved.com to order your remedies. You’ll be sent the Order Link with instructions on how to order.