Nadi Astrology Packages

Change Your Karma Through Shiva Sukshama Nadi Astrology

Divine Technology to Resolve Life Problems and Avoid Pitfalls

Nadi Astrology is a divine science where God intervenes in your life to help you remove negative karma, remedy problems before they happen, and support you to achieve your highest potential. AstroVed’s Shiva Sukshama Nadi Astrology is one of the most powerful ways to remove your karma through the divinely prescribed temple remedies and rituals that target the removal of sins impacting your daily life. This technology for life transformation is pure Grace. You will be attracted to seek your Nadi leaf at a time in your life when you are due for a change in your destiny.

From Ancient Collection: Thuliya Nadi Astrology

Spiritual Technology to Course Correct Your Life Now and in Future

Considered the oldest Nadi ever written by great Rishis, Thuliya Nadi astrology is not easily accessible to everyone. These unique Nadi leaves can reveal the most profound factual information about you and help you gain knowledge to move in the right direction at the time of need. AstroVed’s rare form of Thuliya Nadi astrology reading is an excellent choice if you have taken Sukshama Nadi reading and/or want to bring a course correction to current events. Both are divine interventions- your life scriptures and blessings from God to transform your life.

Agastya Nadi Astrology Reading

For Accurate Predictions & Divine Remedies for Life Problems

AstroVed, a pioneer in providing Nadi Astrology services, presents Agastya Nadi Astrology, a Divine predictive method written by the revered Sage and Head Siddha, Agastya. This predictive science penned down by the great Agastya gives you accurate predictions about your past, present, and future, with recommended remedies to course-correct your life. Our Agastya Nadi Astrologers help decode the mysteries of your life by linking your past karma, present life, and future events. Experience the magic of Agastya Nadi Astrology to remove your past negative karma, resolve problems, avoid pitfalls, and redefine your life.

Seek Divine Solutions to Health & Progeny Issues with Thuliya Nadi

Divine Medical and Progeny Programs for Relief from Ailments and Enjoy Progeny

AstroVed is introducing two new Thuliya Nadi Programs to seek divine intervention to resolve health and progeny-related issues. Thuliya Nadi is a rare form of Nadi astrology that can predict your immediate future in detail. The reading and remedial measures prescribed are focused on the near future and minimizing negatives in your life while maximizing positive outcomes. Your Nadi leaf offers remedial solutions to correct your past karmic deeds and change your destiny for betterment.

Prasna Nadi: Divine Answers to Your Questions

Mystical Divine Prasna Service Gives Answers for Current Life Situations

There is a special Kandam (chapter) in Nadi Astrology called Prasna. This unique chapter holds answers to your questions from the author of the Nadi scripture, either Archetype Shiva or a Great Saint. The term ‘Prasna’ means the current moment and denotes a question. Not many people know about the value of Prasna. Even if you don’t understand what is happening in your life and have a mind filled with many questions, this mystical divine Prasna can give you an answer. This feature of Nadi Astrology is a great mystery known only to the Siddhas.