Products Energized in Powerful Goddess Ceremonies

Take Goddesses in Yantra, Malas, Bracelet, Pendants, and Statues Forms Into Your Home and Life
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AstroVed gives you an opportunity to bring the Goddess to your home during this spiritual spring powertime of the Goddess. These selected powerful spiritual tools have been energized with various supreme Goddesses using sacred Vedic chants during Grand AstroVed Goddess Ceremonies.

Gift yourself and your loved ones the Goddesses in the forms of Yantra, Malas, Bracelet, Pendants, and Statues and invite the Goddess energy and support to resolve life problems and change your destiny.

Due to the global crisis, there is a delay in shipping prasad to International orders outside of India. We will send as soon as we can. There will be no delay in shipping prasad for domestic orders.

Malas to Boost Your Energy Cleansing

A Mala has the power to attract positive energy and thoughts to you, as well as protect you. These energized Malas can help surround you with the positive energy absorbed during energization rituals.

Spring Signature Goddess Statues

Statues are the miniature of idols you find in the Powerspots in India. These 5-metal statues energized during various Goddess power times emit positive vibrations in your home, according to the archetype and customized energization.

Spring Manifestation Pendants

Pendants designed in copper, conductor of electrical energy as well as divine energy signatures, can protect you from negative forces by permeating your body with the energy absorbed during energization.

Brace Yourself With Goddess Power

Bracelets are a combination of semi-precious stones that can correct the energies surrounding you. These bracelets energized in different Goddess ceremonies have the power to strengthen planetary energies for favorable results.

Yantra: Energy Machine That Works 24/7

Yantra is a Sanskrit word that comes from Yam meaning ‘to control or subdue’ and Tra meaning an ‘instrument or machine.’ A Yantra is a small, high-powered, divine energy machine that works for you 24×7, even while you are sleeping. This small copper plate, meticulously inscribed with precise sacred diagrams, is energized to embody and give you access to the Goddess energy.