Year Long and Special Packages

Vedic rituals such as Homa (Fire Lab), Pooja, Archana (light and sound ceremony) are the most powerful ways to connect with the divine and invoke their blessings in your life. You may have performed any one of these rituals for any deity in your life. AstroVed has created a list of comprehensive one-year packages aimed as life solutions to receive multifold blessings of archetypes at their power times.

Your participation in the one-year remedial rituals can help you solve your life problems with the help of the combined blessings of the archetypes. AstroVed offers a wide range of packages for you to choose and benefit from the same. Essential Programs for Life


Tarpanam (Offering to Your Ancestors)Package for 1 Year

Dr. Pillai recommends performing Tarpanam on an ongoing basis, without fail. It is the most essential ritual to resolve every kind of problem, and it is the greatest act you can do to help liberate your ancestors and help free your children from negative ancestral influences.

Fix Your Relationships

When relationships are beneficial, they can bring about great social change, new creations, new families, thriving businesses and lasting happiness. The opposite is also true. Almost everyone has experienced bad relationships that kill our energy, enthusiasm, and health. AstroVed’s exclusive yearlong program is targeted to fix your bad relationship karma, reduce the impact of the planetary placements affecting harmony, and help transform your relationships into loving, joyful, and supportive experiences.

Special Saturn Remedy Package for 1 Year

AstroVed has created a unique way of handling the impact and negative influence of Saturn in your life through a new Ultimate Saturn Remedy Program. This new Saturn Remedy program is based on the concept of remedying the influence of Saturn on a weekly and monthly basis using a tremendously powerful set of rituals done at 8 special powerspots,

Daily Karma Removal Program for 1 Year

AstroVed has created a powerful one-year program with targeted remedies to recreate 12 key areas of your life based on the 12 houses in your birth chart. Each month will focus on a specific house and related life issue.

Donate To Participate In Monday And Thursday Poojas To Invoke Our Special Shirdi Sai Babas For Money And Health Blessings

With Dr. Pillai’s guidance and our member support, we have successfully installed 4 statues of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba on his 100th MahaSamadhi day and Vijayadasami (Day of Victory). We invite you to donate as a sponsor for the maintenance of our Shirdi Sai Baba statues to have your name and birth star included in ongoing Poojas and Abishekams (Hydration Pooja) on Mondays and Thursdays to invoke the continual blessings and protection of our 4 spec.

Cow Feeding Program – Feeding Cows is Equivalent to Feeding 330 Million Gods

Cows are considered the most sacred animals. According to Vedic texts, all celestial beings reside in a cow. Thus the holy act of feeding the cows is equivalent to feeding all the gods and goddesses. The scriptures say that it is very auspicious to feed a cow and it is one of the most sacred deeds to gain prosperity and happiness. According to Brihat Parashara Smriti, a total of 33 crores (330 million) gods and goddesses reside in the holy cow.


Special Birthday Ritual Package

Get ready to remove negative Karma on your Birthday with some great divine techniques. We have created these birthday packages to help you take full advantage of your personal time of renewal. The powerful rituals designed to be performed on your birthday will increase divine blessings in your life and help you achieve your ideal 200% life (100% spiritual and 100% material)

Health Booster Package

People suffering from health-related issues are advised to avail the AstroVed Health Booster Package, which amalgamates the potential of 3 powerful yagnas. This package is specially designed by our priests to render instant and long-lasting relief with the spiritual help of 3 divine deities: Dhanvanthri, Ayur Devatha and Mrityunjaya.

Wealth Attraction Package

Attract wealth and positive energy by performing the 3-in-1 homa for Kuber-Lakshmi and Swarnakarshana Bhairava. The combination of these three powerful celestial beings showers one with untold wealth, prosperity and success. Invoking these deities enhances your fiscal fortunes and furthers the prospects of leading a life filled with material comforts and luxuries.

Total Power Package

The Durga-Lakshmi-Saraswathi Homa is performed in honor of the three Devis to acquire a high position, authority and skills. The three deities represent valor, wealth and wisdom, and performing the homa collectively confers manifold benefits. It literally alters one’s destiny and takes us on the path of success, happiness and peace.