Vedic New Year


Last Call to Join First Vishnupati of
Vedic New Year: Sun Enters Taurus

LIVE on May 14, 2018 at 6:30 pm PT / 9:30 pm ET| May 15, 2018 at 7:00 am IST

“If you need dramatic results in your material wealth you will have to go to Vishnu and Vishnupati is a day that he gives boons to people who come to him, because he is the God of wealth and material prosperity.”

– Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai Talks about Vishnupati


The astrological event Vishnupati is unique as it happens only 4 times a year when the Sun enters a fixed zodiac signs: Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, or Taurus. The first opportunity for this unique time window of prosperity boons for this Vedic New Year happen when the Sun enters Taurus.

The blessing of Vishnu, the archetype who sustains the universe, becomes readily available during Vishnupati. This divine time window is a key time to pray to Vishnu for dramatic results in improving your finances.


According to mythology, Vishnupati is the time period when Lord Vishnu performs miraculous deeds for the benefit of all. It is believed that Vishnupati is when:

  • Vishnu descends into the Earth plane
  • The army generals of Vishnu are active
  • Vishnu multiplies his effort to rescue people
  • Vishnu performs miracles for those who pray to him
  • Devotees have merged with Vishnu
  • You can experience Samadhi (trance)


Every Vishnupati is unique and has a special energy which repeats only after 60 years in the Vedic time cycle. Dr. Pillai says that missing Vishnupati is like missing a divine opportunity in both material and spiritual worlds. It is the time when the celestial placement of planets help Vishnu to grant you boons to improve your material life.

On this day, the Moon will be in the star Bharani, ruled by Venus. The Moon will be placed in the sign Aries along with the planet Mercury. Both the planets will be receiving the aspects from Mars and Jupiter. This planetary combination invokes Vishnu’s blessings in the form of Jakath Rakshaka Perumal, Vishnu the preserver. This form of Vishnu is the personification of protection archetype and who the one who rescues his devotees from all problems.

The Sun will also be in the sign Taurus, making it an optimal day to resolve legal issues with regards to property, solve loan issues against assets and rescue you from business-related difficulties.


  • Group Homa to Jakath Rakshaka Perumal (Protector of Universe Fire Lab) at AstroVed Fire Lab and Remedy Center on May 15, 2018 (IST) at 7: 00 am IST
  • Archana (Light and Sound Ceremony) to Lord Vishnu at his sacred energy Vortex

Participate in the Vishnupati ceremonies which include a group homa (Fire Lab) and an Archana (Light and Sound Ceremony) to Lord Vishnu at his energy vortex on the day when the Sun moves into Taurus. The powerful Vedic mantras chanted during the ceremonies can fill you with the blessings that are considered indispensable for fulfilling your objectives and desires.

What Will I Receive?

You will receive the sacred grey ash powder from the homa and kum-kum (Red Vermillion Powder), which will be blessed in the rituals. Keep this on your meditation altar and wear it on your forehead during meditation or at other times to expand the Divine blessings into your life.

Dr. Pillai explains this:

The ritual is the carbonization of thoughts. Carbon is our information bearing atoms. The carbon residue (ash) given out as Prasad is to be placed on the third eye area of the participants and carries the blessings of the archetypes invoked.

Please Note:Your Prasad will be shipped one week after the entire set of rituals is performed from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. For international shipping, please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.