Grand Shiva Shakti Fire Ritual on 26th July, 2015 IST
Tune into New Energy Patterns & Clear Your Obstacles

The archetypes of the Vedic tradition represent different roles cosmic energy plays out on Earth. Shiva is the formless, pure consciousness. Shakti, his consort, is the creative energy behind every manifestation. One does not exist without the other. When they merge perfectly, a miracle happens; a beautiful entity is born. When patterns and forms of energies change, possibilities of creation abound, such as:

  • A reliable, beautiful relationship that is gracious and loving
  • A bright life that is a gift supported by auspicious forces of Nature
  • A strong character with power to face and overcome problems

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Saturn Direct in Scorpio

5 Priest Grand Shiva Shakti Fire Ritual
on 26th July at Hyderabad in southeastern state of Telengana in India

A grand group Shiva Shakti fire ritual will be performed on 26th July IST (Dashami – 10th Waxing Moon during the Tamil month of Aadi) to receive the blessings of both Shiva and Shakti. This powerful ritual gives you the ability to access the pure and powerful cosmic energy and activate the creative forces within you to manifest your strong desires. It also helps to wipe out pain and obstacles from your life. Without the right energies aligned within you, moving in the right direction can even become inconceivable.

Participating in the elaborate rituals conducted by five experienced Vedic priests will refine your senses and lift you spiritually. By aligning yourself with different patterns of energies, you will bring better balance in your life, improve perception of life situations, and gain the right insight.

You can also attend the fire ritual at the Venue mentioned below.

Date: July 26th, IST
Time: 7:00 AM
Venue: Sri Vidya Dayini College of IT & Business Management,
RCI Main Road, After Mallapur Village,
Balapur, Hyderabad-500005.

Astrological Significance of 26th July

The Moon will be in the secretive sign of Scorpio, conjunct a competitive and goal orientated star of success called Vishakha. The Moon will share Scorpio with Saturn. The Moon will be very uncomfortable or in a debilitated state on this day and unable to pursue his agenda to support your mental and emotional balance.

When there is a connection between the Moon and Saturn, Punarphoo dosha occurs. This dosha creates obstacles in marital life, businesses and all endeavors. Offer your prayers to Shiva and Shakti on July 26th to mitigate the negative influences. A grand 5 priest Shiva Shakti fire ritual will be performed on this day to get rid of obstacles that you face in any area of life.

Shiva and Shakti

Beautiful creations on Earth happen because of perfect balance, harmony and the right blend between Shiva and Shakti, the all-pervasive consciousness and the intense creative force. Certain things begin to exist for you only when they enter your consciousness. At the same time, without your consciousness, you cannot enforce your creative forces to manifest anything. So Shiva and Shakti are each a better half of the other. They unite to end the duality of Masculine and Feminine energies. Shiva Shakti fire ritual is a technique to bring about that perfect balance within you and empower you to manifest desirable realities.

You must align your energies to gain that harmony – the efforts to align yourself depend on your level of orientation and degree of commitment to connect with the forms of energies. Remember, you should build a strong relationship with them!

How does Shiva-Shakti help in removing obstacles?

Chanting of mantras, prayer offerings, fire rituals, hydration ritual and so on are proven ways of invoking specific energies. They create vibrations that realign these energies in your physical body for attainment of specific goals.

The rituals bring about the following changes:

  • Make you receptive of the positive vibrations by clearing the negative ones.
  • Charge you up with pure and divine consciousness that helps in clearing your bad karma.
  • Create vibrations favorable for building and sustaining relationships with every entity you establish a connection with.
  • Strengthen your character to overcome obstacles.
  • Find access to grace and luck for achieving what you want in your life.

Procedures of Shiva-Shakti fire ritual:

The Shiva-Shakti homa is a special fire ritual conducted by 5 Vedic priests who have years of experience in performing rituals and chanting mantras with accurate precision to create the desired vibrations and invoke the right energy.

Rituals to be performed for the fire ritual are:

Gho Pooja – Gho is the Sanskrit word for cow. This tame and gentle animal symbolizes a mother who is the most tolerant and useful to all in a society. In Indian villages, cattle are bred in the household and nurtured as treasured possessions. During religious rituals, a live cow is brought to the place of worship and sanctified. During the ritual of worship, she stands as the representative of all other living creatures born out of the expansive Universe. The ritual opens doorways of humility and prosperity.

Ganapati Pooja – Ganapati or Ganesha, the archetype of creativity and worldly knowledge, is the son of Parvati, the prime archetype of Shakti or feminine energy responsible for all creations. Mythology has it that without Ganesha’s permission, no one can find passage to his mother, Parvati. You may interpret this storyline as: “Beautiful creations cannot manifest without creativity and refinement”. Hence, prayers are offered to Ganesha requesting him to grant access to the divine feminine energy. He resides in the first chakra, the root center called muladhara, at the base of the spine of the human psychic body.

Sankalpam – This step is a ritual for making a universal declaration of resolve and intention. This is a method to create a cosmic record of the place, time and the names and birthstars of persons who are sponsoring the event and to proclaim their alignment with specific wishes and boons that will result from the later rituals

Varuna Pooja – This is a purification step. Water is widely used to sanctify religious practices across India. Flowing or gushing water signifies progress, continuance and surge of abundance. Rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu and Kaveri have been revered and invoked through the ages. This ritual calls their special qualities into a water pot to purify the setting and the participants.

Varuna, the archetype who represents water and the vast oceans, is invoked in this step. Specific Vedic chants such as Pavamana Suktam and Prokshana Mantra are chanted to invite this archetype to share his purifying blessings.

Kalasha Pooja – Kalasha is a pot. Metal pots are filled with water, mango leaves are placed on their mouths and a coconut placed on them. They symbolize the deities who are being invited to the ceremony. The priest invoke the energies of specific archetypes into the pots and decorations, so they will be present to grant their blessings. Depictions of kalasha or pot filled with water or coins signify abundance or prosperity and fulfillment of wishes.

Shiva Shakti Fire Ritual – After the Kalasha Pooja, a fire ritual for Shiva and Shakti is performed with focus and sincerity. Offerings are made into the fire along with specific chants to ask the blessings of Shiva and Shakti to enter the lives of the sponsors and to enter our world. Fire is a doorway between Earth and Heaven. Our prayers from Earth can go through the fire and reach into other subtle realms of the Universe. Blessings from Heaven can come through the fire and reach the Earth. Sacrifices made to the fire are symbolic of surrendering human ego. Fire rituals are performed with ghee (clarified butter), many herbs and other sacred ingredients.

Purnahuti – This is a final offering placed dramatically by the priest into the fire. In fire rituals such as this betel leaves, betel nuts, coconut, kumkum (red colored auspicious powder), turmeric, flowers, fruits, a coin, a small bag of herbs are put together and tied in a silk cloth (usually red in color),and dropped into the fire during this stage. This represents the desire for seeking the blessings of the Almighty from all the participants and sponsors. It is a great moment in a grand fire ritual.

Upacharam – The fire ritual is concluded with offerings of incense, ghee lamp (lights lit from clarified butter), sweets and delicacies (Naivedhyam) along with chantings of 16 verses from the Vedas (ancient scriptures).

Abhishekam at Shiva Shrine – After Upacharam, hydration ritual is performed on a Shiva statue or a Shiva lingam at the shrine with different ingredients.

Maha Deeparadhana – At the end of all these grand rituals, the priest offers light to the deities at their shrines, and it marks completion of the entire set of rituals. Light, the illuminator of the world, when lit as a part of spiritual practice, raises the spirit of mind and brings happiness to the soul. This light is considered a replica of the deities invoked and a powerful way to transmit their blessings.