Vedic Technology To Dissolve Bad Karma

LIVE on Jan 29. 2022 (IST)

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“Pradosham is a day when Shiva himself liberates people from bad karma. It is the day that he took upon himself the karma, which is symbolized through his taking the poison himself. The poison is the karma of people, so people will lead a karma free life which is disease-free and problem-free life. This particular one is called Maha Pradosham or the great Pradosham because it happens on a Saturday. And Saturday is considered very auspicious for Shiva.”
– Dr. Pillai


One of the greatest findings of the ancient Vedic seers of India is that during a 13th Moon, you can dissolve bad karma by observing Pradosham and praying to Shiva.
A 13th Moon that falls on a Saturday is called Sani Pradosham (Sani means Saturn) and it is special, because the original Pradosham occurred on a Saturday. So, the upcoming Duo Sani Pradoshams (Saturn Pradoshams) on Jan 29 will be extra powerful Pradosham.
Sani Pradosham : Get Rid of Your Negative karma on Pradosham
US $ 54.00
Basic Saturn Pradosham Package on 29th Jan-2022
Sani Maha Pradosham
  • Group Homa (Fire Lab) to Shiva on Jan. 29
  • Karma-Diffusing 13th Moon Abishekam (Hydration ceremony) to Shiva at AstroVed Remedy Center
  • Abishekam (Hydration Ceremony) and Archana (Pooja) to Shiva and Nandi (sacred bull of Shiva) at Arakara Powerspot
  • Archana (Pooja)to Saturn at Thirunaraiyur Powerspot
  • Archana (Pooja) to Archetype Narasimha at AstroVed Remedy Center
  • Bilva Leaf Archana (Pooja) to Shiva by Chanting Rudra Trishati (300 names of Rudra) at AstroVed Remedy Center

Participate in the Saturn Pradosham rituals and receive the blessings of Shiva. Saturn Pradosham days are auspicious to control an inexplicable, unchangeable force coming out of our past through mind and soul, with the help of prayers and rituals. Poojas will be performed to Archetype Shiva and Saturn at their Powerspots.

Karma-Diffusing 13th Moon Hydration Solution ceremony to Shiva and sacred bull of Shiva can help purify mind, body and soul and remove stubborn, limiting karma that prevents you from progressing in life.

A Bilva leaf Archana to Shiva chanting Rudra Trishati (300 names of Rudra) will also be performed on Saturn Pradosham day. Rudra Trishati Archana is a Pooja performed to Archetype Rudra using the verses from Sri Rudram. It is the only form of Archana to Rudra (Shiva) mentioned in the Vedas. The highlight of this Archana is the 300 Bilva leaf offering to Rudra. The most terrible karma is destroyed when a Bilva leaf is offered to Shiva.

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