Nine Nights Of Performer Goddess Varahi

2 Grand Fire Labs, 1 Special Pooja, Daily Offering of Her Favorite Food as Nivedhyam + 20 Supporting Powerspot Poojas

For Material Wealth, Multifold Desire Fulfillment & Protection

July 11, 2021 – July 19, 2021 (IST)

“Varahi is a form of Lakshmi. She is also related to the Goddess of Shreem who is Mahalakshmi. We need them at these times, and they are willing to come and help us. Varahi is very much present, and she’s the Goddess of the earth, and she’s the Goddess of gold, platinum, abundance, above all the Goddess who knows the need of people and wants to do things as quickly as possible.”
- Dr. Pillai

Ashada Navaratri
Nine Nights Powertime Of Performer Goddess Varahi

Ashada Navaratri is the nine nights of Performer Goddess Varahi, the archetype of material wealth. During this powertime, AstroVed will be performing a powerful suite of ceremonies to welcome gold-bestowing Varahi through result-giving Varahi Avarana Pooja, two grand Fire Labs, the daily offering of her favorite food as Nivedhyam, and 20 supporting Powerspot Poojas to invoke her gracious blessings for material prosperity, multifold desire fulfillment, and protection from negativities and misfortune.

Ashada Navaratri Special Ceremonies

3 Grand Rituals For Material Wealth, Multifold Desire Fulfillment & Protection

Day 1: Swarna Varahi Homa

Fire Lab Invoking Gold Varahi for Material Wealth

Day 1: Result-Giving Varahi Avarana Pooja
Nullify the effects of afflictions in your birth chart, grant good health, success in litigations, prosperity and fulfill wishes

Grand Finale: 5-Priest Varahi Malai Chanting & Maha Varahi Beejakshara Mantra Homa

Fire Lab for Multifold Desire Fulfillment and Protection From Misfortune

Sacred Poojas

  • Archana (Pooja) to Varahi at Powerspot for 9 Days
  • Varahi Avarana Pooja at AstroVed Remedy Center on 1st Day
  • Kum-Kum Archana (Pooja with Red Vermillion Powder) to Varahi by Chanting Ashtottaram (108 Names of Varahi) at AstroVed Remedy Center for 9 Days
  • Raktha Pushpanjali to Varahi at Kerala Powerspot on 1st and 9th Day
  • Steamed Sweet Potato and Honey Mixed Pomegranate Nivedhyam at AstroVed Remedy Center on All 9 Days



Ashada Navaratri Essential Package


Ashada Navaratri Enhanced Package


Ashada Navaratri Advanced Package

Akshaya Tritiya Essential Package

  • 8-Priest Swarna Dayaka Maha Yagnam (Grand Fire Lab Invoking Enchanting Supreme Bestower of Gold and Banker of Heaven) at AstroVed Remedy Center
  • Lakshmi Sahasranamam Archana (Pooja By Chanting 1000 Names of Lakshmi) at AstroVed Remedy Center
  • Archana (Pooja) to Venus at Powerspot
  • Archana (Pooja) to Lakshmi at Golden Temple
  • Archana (Pooja) to Akshayapureeswarar and Goddess Abhivruddhi Nayaki at Powerspot
  • Kum-Kum Archana (Pooja with Red Vermilion Powder) to Maha Meru (Three- dimensional, Geometrical Form of the Supreme Goddess) at AstroVed Remedy Center
  • Donation of Buttermilk to Devotees

Akshaya Tritiya is the once-a-year 24-hour power time filled with the cosmic energy of ever- increasing wealth consciousness. ‘Akshaya’ means non-depleting and ‘Tritiya’ means 3rd Moon, thus Akshaya Tritiya is 3rd Moon of ever-increasing wealth. Acquire ever-growing wealth consciousness on Royalty Wealth Day through AstroVed’s Grand Ceremonies by invoking Wealth Archetypes in a Grand Homas (Fire Labs), 4 Powerful Archanas (Poojas) and a Donation for ongoing wealth blessings in your life.

Note: AstroVed does not charge its members for the temple Poojas included in the packages. However, the package cost includes proxy service delivery/ Pooja materials/ facilitation charges.

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