Your Personalized Road-Map: Create 2017 As You Want

Exclusive Astrology Report Designed
by Dr. Pillai for His Students

Bonus: AstroVed 2017 Calendar

Manifest Your Dream Life: Halt Your Karmic Life

Dr. Pillai is committed to helping as many people as possible create their dream life in 2017. He has designed an exclusive astrology report that exactly identifies your “Karmic Life” issues you are likely to experience in 2017. Most importantly, the report pinpoints specific “Dream Life” possibilities, according to your birth chart, you can manifest in 2017 for each of the 4 vital areas of human life- money, health, relationship and spirituality.

Unique Features of the ‘Create Your 2017’ Personalized Report

  • Cumulative Effect of Planetary Influences- Helps you to understand the effects of the planetary placements in your birth chart and how the transiting planets impacts your life during 2017
  • Dream Life Manifestation Simplified for 4 Areas of Life- Pinpoints your specific “Dream Life” possibilities for 2017 covering 4 major areas of life to help you to practically work towards manifesting your dream life every day
  • Detailed Karmic Life Issues Simplified- Identifies your karmic issues for 2017 based on the planetary transits and birth chart planetary placements
  • Daily Remedy Prescriptions- A Unique Approach- Specific remedies prescribed along with daily, weekly and monthly simple, at-home practices to realize your dream life for 2017
  • 4-in-1 Report is a Customized Roadmap- Dr. Pillai’s team of trained astrologers create this precise and 4-in-1 customized report to be your roadmap to improve any area of life that you desire
  • Personalized One-Year Detailed Predictions Report

    AstroVed’s Personalized One-Year Detailed Predictions Report will reveal potential impediments and prospects brought to you by the planets in the year 2017. Specific remedies are prescribed to minimize unfavorable influences that are foreseen based on your birth chart.

    The report also includes the various planetary transits and the pertinent effects on you, helping you prepare for the best and the worst influences.

    BONUS: AstroVed’s 2017 Calendar

    SAMPLE REPORT:click here to view the sample report

    Personalized Astrology Report

    2017 Personalized Prediction for 3 Months
    2017 Personalized Prediction for 6 Months
    2017 Personalized Prediction for 12 Months