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Monthly Horoscope by Moon Sign

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General: This may be a month of mixed fortunes for the Pisces-born. You may have to grapple with minor issues off and on, in your vocation. Please avoid being over-confident in work-related matters. Family life will be joyous, but you are cautioned against losing your temper or using harsh words against near and dear ones. The spouses should be accommodative of each other, and this may help them to maintain a cordial relationship. There may be a handsome flow of income from many sources. There may also be gains through outstation trips. You may have to exercise care regarding your properties and vehicles. A few of you may repair your vehicles. Children may suffer from some health issues, and even otherwise, you may incur medical expenses. But investments may give you good returns. You may also earn the friendship of influential people, while those hostile to you may stay clear of your path.

Love Relationship: There are chances for some bitterness developing between lovers, though these may only be short-lived. Hence, those in love are advised to avoid disagreement and arguments between themselves. This may not also be the right time for you to fall in love. As temporary discords are also possible between spouses, try to adopt the policy of ‘give and take.’

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Finance: Money-matters will prosper. Issues relating to ancestral properties will end favorably. There may also be an unexpected flow of money. You may now think about your welfare and that of your family, and also the future of your children. And make sensible savings accordingly.

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Career: Please be careful with your work. People not favorably disposed towards you may carry tales and comment negatively about you, in office. Some of your colleagues, too, may work against you. All these may create a wrong impression about you in the minds of your superiors. Try to plan your tasks well and perform with efficiency, and this may help you to overcome many of the problems.

Business: Please be careful in your trading operations. Business partners and employees may contribute to some problems and losses; so, try to keep them under watch. This may not also be the right time for new ventures.

Professionals: This may only be a mediocre month for Pisces professionals. You may struggle hard to display your unique skills and work-efficiency, and maintain your high standards in performance. When you operate with a service mentality, there are high chances of your success now. But you are required to be patient at this time.

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Health: Health may require attention. Try to stay clear of confusion, anxieties, and fear of the future, as your mental problems may manifest as physical ailments. Try to keep the mind clear and focused, and practice yoga and meditation regularly. These can help to improve your fitness.

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Student: Students may encounter difficulties and impediments in their studies. Please be cautious about health issues and frictions with friends, as these may hamper education. You may, however, get the affection and guidance of teachers and parents.

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Auspicious dates: 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,12,13,14,15,19,22,23,26,27,28,29

Inauspicious dates: 1,3,10,11,16,17,18,20,21,24,25,30