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Gemini Monthly Horoscope - September, 2021
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General: This September appears to be the right month for the Gemini-born to progress in all important aspects like finance, work, etc. Family relationships should be cordial, and you may devote enough time to your life partner and fulfill their needs. Students might do well in their studies. Those pursuing higher education can succeed in their endeavors if they follow the advice of teachers and parents. But your health may require attention.

Love Relationship: There can be misunderstandings between ‘love birds,’ even on small issues. So, it is better not to enter into arguments with your lover. This looks to be the ideal month for the married couples to forget their past differences and start a new life. Try to listen to the advice of the family elders and act accordingly, and that could do you good.

Divine Technique for Marital Harmony: Venus Pooja

Finance: Money flow might be comfortable. There can also be a significant rise in income from the business, and you may be able to pay back all your old loans. You could also spend money on the welfare of the family members. It will be good to minimize your expenses and increase savings to take care of your future needs now.

Divine Technique to improve your Finances : Gho Pooja

Career: The employed may encounter some competition in the office. But you may overcome the designs of your competitors and succeed in work. You may also perform efficiently and receive appreciation from superiors and co-workers, while there are also chances for promotion on the job.

Business: Businesspersons may get customers in good numbers. Trade may also give you more profits. But please exercise caution while making new business investments. Partnership business, too, may give you profits. But please be careful before signing documents related to business agreements.

Professionals: Gemini professionals may find this month quite challenging. You may work hard; still may not get results commensurate with your efforts. Make sure you finish your tasks properly on time, and this is the only way you can meet your targets.

Divine Technique to improve your Career : Saturn Pooja

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Health: You may be fit overall; however, there are chances for you to suffer from stomach or kidney-related ailments. Please be careful with your food intake and ensure strict dietary control. Also, drink sufficient water, and this can prove good for your health.

Divine Technique to improve your Health: Shiva Sakthi Pooja

Student: School students will be required to work very hard in their studies. Those pursuing higher education may overcome obstacles like a lapse in concentration, distraction, etc., and make progress. They may also learn new things now.

Divine Technique to improve Education : Mercury Pooja

Auspicious dates: 3, 8, 9, 10, 23, 27

Inauspicious dates: 6, 7, 16, 17, 18, 20, 24, 25