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AstroVed Speaks - Talk To Astrologer

In the good old days, consulting an astrologer was a laborious process. You needed to ask around to find a good astrologer who could be trusted to make accurate predictions and also suggest effective remedies for your life problems. And if you did manage to find one, you had to wait to get an appointment and then wait for hours in his office to consult with him. There were also issues of convenience and privacy. However, the digital revolution and the advent of the internet put an end to such problems. Today, one can find a good astrologer and consult them, sitting right at home! You can talk to an astrologer on the phone or chat with them online as well.

AstroVed was one of the pioneers in online astrology consultations in India. Today, we have thousands of astrologers on our online platform, AstroVed Speaks, who cater to clients from all over the world. They include not only Vedic astrologers but also Tarot card readers, Palmists, Numerologists, Vaastu experts, Gemologists, Lal Kitab experts, and more. We have onboarded them on the portal after a stringent process of verification of their qualifications, credentials, and experience. After all, these are the people who are going to help you make the right decisions in life and guide you to a better destiny.

Through our Talk to Astrologer service, you have the option of talking to an astrologer on the phone and getting instant solutions for all your problems. Maybe you are not happy with the way your career is shaping up. Or you could be worried about delays in marriage. Perhaps you wish to lead a more prosperous life. Whatever the problem is, talk to an astrologer. And before you know it, you will have a solution!

When you talk to an astrologer online, your privacy is assured. All your information will remain confidential. All you need to do is to log in, recharge your wallet, and connect with the astrologer of your choice. It is such a simple and easy process, really.

If you are feeling confused and worried, just talk to an astrologer online. You can get not just solutions, but also deep insights into your life and why you are facing certain problems in your life. It can give you clarity and also reassurance. In fact, astrology also involves some counseling. Many of our astrologers consider it their life’s mission to help people solve their problems and lead happier lives. You receive not just predictions and remedies but also solace and hope.

The stars and planets have a big say in your life. But it takes a good astrologer to interpret what exactly they are saying. So, talk to an astrologer if you wish to know what awaits you in life. All it takes is a click of the mouse.

Our online astrologers have been guiding many people in their quest for happiness and fulfillment. Thanks to their predictions and remedies, people are living their dream lives. They were able to make the right choices in life and the necessary course corrections that were necessary to create a better destiny. Some believe that destiny is not changeable. However, this is not true. And this is where an astrologer can help you.

Using your Kundli, an astrologer will be able to identify what needs to be addressed in your life and how. Sometimes, it may take only some simple remedies. But you will be able to feel the changes in your life as the remedies begin to work their effect. So, talk to an astrologer today. It’s the first step you need to take toward the life you wish for.

How to Consult Our Astrologers

  • Sign Up or Sign In to AstroVed Speaks.
  • Recharge your wallet using your preferred mode of payment – credit/debit card, internet banking, UPI, etc.
  • Choose an astrologer and start talking.


Recharge your wallet. Go to the 'Talk to Astrologer' section on our app or website. Click on it and choose from hundreds of astrologers. Talk to them at your convenience.
Yes, you can talk to the same astrologer several times. To do so, find the ‘Order History’ section on the app or the website, where you will find the list of all the purchases you made on AstroVed Speaks, including your previous calls.
We respect your privacy, and your information will be kept confidential so that it cannot be misused.
Check the rating given to the astrologers by the other customers. Our astrologers have been carefully selected so that only the best ones are onboarded.
It depends on their experience and expertise. Some of our astrologers are patronized by well-known people and celebrities. But there are also many astrologers whose rates are affordable without any compromise on the quality. You can choose according to your budget.
AstroVed Speaks is known to offer exceptional service in the domain of online astrology. We have excellent ratings and reviews on Google, PlayStore, Facebook, and other platforms. Our astrologers are known not only for their accurate predictions but also for the efficacy of the remedies they provide.