AstroVed Speaks FAQs


How do I sign up with AstroVed Speaks?

You can sign up by filling your details here.
Yes. You can use your AstroVed account details to sign in to AstroVed Speaks. You can also log in with your OpenID by using your existing Google, Yahoo, or Facebook IDs.
After your sign-up/sign-in with AstroVed Speaks, you need to recharge your AstroVed Wallet with a sufficient amount. Once your wallet account balance reflects the current balance, confirm your mobile number or change the mobile number and proceed to click on the "Call" button. Upon clicking the call button, you will receive a call from your chosen astrologer to the mobile number confirmed earlier.
Yes. We have a standard verification procedure to choose the astrologers on the panel. The astrologers are interviewed by our in-house Astrology team to get their profiles listed on AstroVed Speaks.
The “Certified” badge denotes the in-house astrologers from AstroVed.
You can recharge your AstroVed Wallet by clicking on the Wallet icon on the top right side of the AstroVed Speaks page. We accept payment by all major credit/debit cards.
Your AstroVed Wallet must have a minimum balance to pay for at least 5 minutes of your preferred astrologer consultation charges.
Your phone consultation is charged per minute, and the charge will be deducted from your AstroVed Wallet as you speak to an astrologer.
Your call charges may vary depending upon the fee of your chosen astrologer. You will receive an email with your call summary, the amount deducted, and existing balance in your AstroVed Wallet. You can also check your remaining balance anytime in your AstroVed Wallet by clicking on the Wallet icon on AstroVed Speaks page.
You can use it anytime for your future calls to talk with astrologers on AstroVed Speaks.
Do not worry. It could be due to network issue or insufficient balance in your AstroVed Wallet. You can call the same astrologer once your network resumes, provided he/she is available to take the call. In case of insufficient balance, you will receive a beep sound during the call, two minutes before your balance runs out.
Your preferred astrologer could be busy with another call or is not available to answer your call immediately. You can wait for some time to speak to the same astrologer, or you can choose any other astrologer from our panel.
The disturbance in the call could be due to any network issue. Your call charges will be calculated with the call duration upon connecting with the astrologer. Your first minute of the call is free, and you will be charged for the remaining duration of the call based on the astrologer’s fee.
You can wait for some time for your preferred astrologer to come online to make a call. Else, you can choose to speak to any other astrologer on the panel.
Yes. You can use your AstroVed Wallet amount to purchase any service/product available on AstroVed.
Yes. Your conversation with the astrologer will be saved to our server for quality and audit purposes. However, we assure you that it will be maintained confidential.
If you are not satisfied with the astrologer consultation, you can apply for a refund. We will analyze the issue with the recorded conversation; if the situation is in your favor, the refund will be provided.
You can apply for a refund within 24 hours of your phone consultation.
The refund amount will be credited instantly after the procedure is completed.
The refund amount will be credited to your AstroVed Wallet.