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Best Astrologers in Bangalore

AstroVed remains to be a pioneer in the field of Vedic astrology with its vast and varied experience. It has, over the years, built a reputation for its in-depth astrological readings, predictions, guidance, solutions, support, and remedies in all aspects concerned with the lives of individuals. Various sections of the society like the students, employees, professionals, businesspeople, homemakers, retired, elderly, etc. have benefited immensely from its expert services, which have helped them have better control over the happenings in their lives and to have a more meaningful and fulfilling existence on this planet.

AstroVed’s Astrological Services

Expert astrologers provide AstroVed’s astrological services in Bangalore. The services we provide can be end-to-end solutions and address issues related to every aspect of your life like education, career, love, marriage, employment, business, family, health, and longevity. The services can be classified broadly as Predictions and Life Solutions.

AstroVed’s new avatar Astrospeaks is a good forum to ask questions on astrology online. It is an online hub for astrologers who are very experienced and acclaimed experts in diverse fields like Vedic astrology, Palmistry, Vastu, Numerology, etc. The astrologers are also proficient in English as well as regional languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. They offer practical and affordable solutions for one’s problems as well as valuable guidance on personal and professional matters.

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AstroVed’s expert astrologers also address your problems in life and provide Life Solutions, covering all the significant aspects of life such as:

Knowing the importance of urban agglomeration, AstroVed is particular about the residents of Bangalore availing its services and getting benefitted from the services. All of AstroVed’s astrological services can be availed by you online, from Bangalore, with a simple click.

For availing a vast majority of the services, it is vital to provide the correct date, time and place of your birth.

As part of the Predictions, AstroVed’s expert astrologers in Bangalore do a thorough analysis of your birth chart and provide the following services:

Instant Access Consultation(Now)

You can instantly access the AstroVed site, choose any one of the expert astrologers available at that moment, have the consultation online and get solutions.


Live Astrology Consultation(Schedule)

You can consult our expert astrologers in Bangalore, discuss your concerns and seek solutions, either through phone or Skype, for 30 or 60 minutes. You can also choose from the languages – English, Tamil, Hindi or Telugu


Prasna Astrology

Prasna refers to the precise moment of time when an individual asks a specific question, and the answer is derived from the planetary positions at that very moment. Your birth details are not required here.


Ask Astrologer 3 Questions Service

You can ask three questions on issues that are of prime concern and submit them online, for our famous astrologers in Bangalore to provide the answers and suggest solutions to your problems


Betel Leaf Astrology

Known as TambulaPrasna or Royal Astrology, and practiced only in Kerala, this unique system involves predictions based on the time at which a person selects the sacred betel leaves in a specially developed online format. 


Under Predictions, AstroVed is providing the following services:

Nadi Astrology

Our best Nadi astrologers in Chennai uses this ancient predictive science to find answers to your questions from Nadi leaves, on which your destiny has been etched thousands of years ago Read More

Vishnu Maya Reading

Also known as ‘Angel Reading’, this service offers you divine guidance from the angel (Vishnu Maya) to ease you from your sufferings Read More

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Role of Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a science which involves the study of the positioning of the heavenly bodies and their movements, concerning the birth chart of an individual. These planets and star constellations are believed to exercise substantial influence on your lives, and hence, this study is undertaken for knowing about your experiences in general and about what providence it has in store for you in the future, in particular. Vedic astrology is an ancient scientific study, which is more than 5000 years old, the efficacy of which has been highlighted and vouched for by great scholars like Aryabhatta, VarahaMihira, etc. who were well versed in the study of both astronomy and astrology.

There may not be many who would not like to have a peep into the future and get to know what providence has in store for them and also for their near and dear ones, in the days to come. It is here that Vedic Astrology plays a significant role. This is done, basically, through the careful study of the position of the planets at the time of birth and their movements across the zodiac in the subsequent period.