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Consult best astrologers online in Singapore instantly on your phone/desktop/laptop and get answers to all your questions about Vedic astrology, numerology, Vaastu, Feng Shui, and Tarot card reading. Talk to any of the top astrologers from anywhere in Singapore, available 24x7 online at Astro Speaks.

Alka Malik


12 years 4.9


Astro Alisa


10 years 5


Brahmashri Pradeep B Bhambi


16 years 5


Suresh Srinivasaiah

Tamil, Hindi, Kannada

20 years


Anamika Naveen Ratliya


4 years 4


Venkatesh Bhat

Hindi, Kannada

5 years 4


Kapil Ratra

Hindi, Punjabi

27 years 4




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.5 Million

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About Astro Speaks

'Astro Speaks,' is an initiative of AstroVed, that brings together some of the specialists in the astrological field from all over the world and offers them a platform to make their services available to people who are in need of help to handle various problems in life. Our members can avail the benefit of this service by just logging in and placing a call to the astrologer of their choice.

Astro Speaks global service is also available in the Southeast Asian island city-state of Singapore, ranked high in the world on parameters like Human Development Index and Per Capita GDP. Here, people can avail themselves of the services of some of the famous astrologers in Singapore for betterment in their lives ahead.

Consult Best Indian Astrologers in Singapore Online Through Phone/Computer

Are you worried about the problems that keep recurring in your life? Are you finding it difficult to cope with issues that remain unsolved for a long time? It is estimated that around 60% of the people worldwide feel confused or dejected about the difficulties they face in their lives. Though you yourselves may try out various means to deal with your relationship, money, love, career, or health problems, the ancient science of Vedic Astrology remains an effective and authentic tool for relief from and solutions to your problems. If you are in Singapore and want to consult any of the best astrologers in Singapore, then Astor Speaks is the destination for you. You can approach some of the best Indian Astrologers in Singapore here in Astro Speaks anytime, online, and have your doubts cleared by experts. This you can do, even without prior appointments. If you fear about some possible Doshas or afflictions in your horoscope, you can reach out to Astro Speaks' famous astrologers in Singapore for clarifications and possible remedies immediately. Astrological consultation has thus been made easy in this island city-state. And this you can do now by making a phone call to the experts or contacting them through computers from wherever you are. In today's digital world, we have made this proven astrological system tech-savvy, brought it to your doorsteps, and offer it to you as a user-friendly tool.

Online Astrology in Singapore

Astro Speaks thus facilitates your talking to the best astrologers in Singapore online by calling them from the comfort of your homes through phone or computer. All you need to do is pick your preferred online astrologer from our panel of best Indian astrologers in Singapore based on their profile particulars like experience, expertise, customer reviews, call rate per minute, etc. and place a call to him or her. Our famous astrologers in Singapore are available online 24x7 for you to speak out your issues to them and get instant and accurate readings of your past and present and predictions for the future. Online Astrology in Singapore is thus made easy for you through a single click. In addition to experts in Vedic Astrology, Astro Speaks also offers specialists in fields like Numerology, Vaastu, Feng Shui, Tarot card reading, etc., for your benefit.

We in Astro Speaks are here to support you with our astrological guidance, whatever be the subject you are concerned about, like –

Career Prospects – Thanks to the best astrologers in Singapore made available to you by Astro Speaks, you can learn all about your vocation, employment, professional or business field, career path, and growth, progression, success, and impediments. All these can be available to you merely by the click of the 'Call' button.

Finance – Finance is an aspect that plays a crucial role at all stages of anyone's life. Knowing its significance, Astro Speaks' famous astrologers in Singapore attach much importance to it in their predictions and guide people about their economic strength, prosperity, and possible difficulties in life.

Marriage and Progeny Blessing – Marriage can be a watershed moment in anybody's life when people start a new phase in their lives. The best Indian astrologers in Singapore can advise and guide people on all marriage-related issues like - whether a person's marriage is likely to be an arranged one or a love marriage, the personality and characteristics of the life partner, how long, cordial, and happy can the marital relationship be, etc. They may also throw insights on the children that the couple may beget and their lives in general.

Other aspects including Yogas, Doshas in the horoscope – Life's all other aspects like health, education, longevity, etc. along with the Yogas, the fortunate formations in the horoscope and the Doshas, the afflictions will also be predicted by such good astrologers in Singapore, providing customers with timely guidance, hope, and caution, for their benefit.

So, whether you are planning a wedding, starting a career or business, or making a new beginning, Astro Speaks is here for your support and guidance.

Indian Astrologers in Singapore

Astro Speaks has in its fold some of the best Indian astrologers in Singapore, whom you can contact to speak out your concerns, learn about the right solutions and remedies like Poojas, Homas, or rituals, and guidance to get them performed. You can be assured that your conversation with these famous astrologers in Singapore will be 100% confidential. Further, if you are an Indian residing in Singapore, you can also talk to the astrologer in your mother tongue or your preferred Indian language.

Our online astrologers in Singapore are chosen by our expert panel after a meticulous selection process and possess the competency and experience to make accurate predictions and advise you with clarity and confidence. These days of acute commercialization and competition are giving rise, especially to many relationship problems, marital discord, and separations, and astrology can be an effective means to sort these out. Our best astrologers in Singapore are available to help you solve your relationship or family problems and guide you to a happy and harmonious life with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What else can the customer hope for, apart from future predictions, from the astrologers?

Astro Speaks' best astrologers in Singapore can analyze a person's horoscope and provide predictions for the future covering all significant aspects of life, apart from replying to their queries and clarifying their doubts. These famous astrologers in Singapore can highlight the positive developments in life and caution about the negativities, reverses, or dangers if any. Such best Indian astrologers in Singapore can also provide solutions to problems, which can include remedies in the form of temple visits, worships, or rituals.

Is it possible to cast the horoscope when the date and time of birth are not available?

Birth details like the date, time, and place of birth are essential for drawing a person's birth chart and making predictions. However, Prashna Shastra or Horary Astrology, a branch in astrology, can operate without the birth details and provide answers to questions with great accuracy. Besides, Astro Speaks' expert astrologers in Singapore can also do the birth chart rectification, based on other details provided by the person, and arrive at his or her precise date and time of birth.

How quickly can the astrologers prepare the birth chart and provide consultations?

Astro Speaks uses a highly reputed astrology software, which can make the horoscope accurately at the click of a computer mouse. Once the birth chart is so prepared, our expert astrologers with years of experience in the field can make calculations based on the horoscopic structure and placement of planets therein, analyze it, and provide consultations and predictions without any loss of time.

So, here we are with Astro Speaks services to lead you to a life of success, fulfillment, and happiness.