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Astro Speaks – for Instant Astrological Solutions

Astro Speaks, AstroVed's special initiative, is designed to bring relief and comfort to the lives of the people through the ancient science of astrology. It offers the best astrologers online from all over the world in a single window to help people with instant answers to their pressing questions and practical solutions to their lives' problems. With 'Customer Satisfaction' being the prime objective, Astro Speaks offers the Talk to Astrologer service, where you just need to log in and place a call to the online astrologer of your choice for answers and solutions.

Worried about your present life or the future? Concerned with your career or financial problems? Anxious about your child's marriage or progeny blessing? Plagued by health issues or troubled by any other concern? Astrology can have the answers for all your concerns. And Astro Speaks facilitates in connecting you to the best astrologers online in the world instantly through the Talk to Astrologer service, where you can get your doubts clarified and concerns redressed by online astrologers.

The placements and transits of heavenly bodies like the stars and planets can influence a person a lot, and astrology can enlighten you about what these mean to you, your life, and the future. Astro Speaks can help you learn what destiny has in store for you through the Talk to Astrologer service, where you can call an online astrologer instantly from among our dedicated batch of best astrologers online.


Astro Speaks, an initiative from AstroVed, remains one of the top online astrology portals. It was created with the objective of bringing online astrologers in the world, with vast and varied experience and tremendous expertise under a single umbrella so that people can connect with them instantly through the Talk to Astrologer service and get their authentic and accurate predictions, answers, and guidance in absolute confidentiality, from the comfort of their homes. The astrologers can also provide simple and practical remedies for overcoming many of the problems.

If you need insight into any issue of concern to you or seek advice or solution to any problem bothering you, all you have to do is to go to the Astro Speaks Portal, browse through our roster of experienced and expert astrologers from the world over, select one of them as per your choice, and call them for instant consultations. No need for any prior booking or appointments. Through the Talk to Astrologer service, people can simply contact some of the best astrologers online and get the benefit of such online astrologers' guidance.

Astro Speaks' service to the customers remains unique as we not only have the best Vedic Astrologers on our panel, but also acclaimed Numerologists, Tarot Card Readers, and Vaastu and Feng Shui experts to meet the customer requirements. You can also discuss your issues with them in the language of your choice, for we have astrologers who speak many languages.

Then, what are you waiting for? Do avail of the Talk to Astrologer Service of Astro Speaks right now, get in touch with the best astrologers online, and benefit from the predictions, solutions, and remedies of those online astrologers, from the comfort and privacy of your places.

Vedic Astrologers Online

Astro Speaks also invites all leading astrologers to join us so that they can be a part of our ever-growing family and help people with guidance on various life problems like love, marriage, progeny, career, education, health, settling abroad, etc. as well as remedial services for divine intervention to solve their problems. Best Astrologers who have expertise in the fields mentioned above can register FREE on our portal as online astrologers and be an integral part of our prestigious Talk to Astrologer service. It is effortless with just a simple sign-up process that includes a verification of your qualifications, done by our expert astrologer team. Once the process is completed, you can come on board and begin offering your services in Vedic Astrology, Vaastu, Numerology, Feng Shui, and Tarot Card Reading, or any other method of prediction/divination instantly, on a call.

May the astrologers become part of Astro Speaks Talk to Astrologer service, and as best astrologers online or online astrologers, contribute their mite to redress the grievances of the people and bring cheers to their lives through astrological remedies and divine intervention.

Consult ASTRO SPEAKS Astrologers through the following simple steps

1. Sign up / Sign In to AstroVed

2. Recharge your AstroVed Wallet

3. Go through our list of astrologers and select the one of your choice

4. Once your account balance is reflected on your wallet, click on the "Call" button against the online astrologer of your choice

5. Then you will be receiving a call in your mobile number. However, if you would like to receive the call in another number, you may please use the ‘click here’ option, and change to the number of your choice

6. You will be connected to the astrologer you wish to consult

7. You can avail of the expert astrological consultation to your satisfaction

8. Once the call is completed, record your rating and feedback positively for the astrologer

Disclaimer : Please do not divulge your contact information to any of our Astrologers anytime before, during, or after your consultation. Any personal contact information shared with the astrologer will be at your own discretion. Astro Speaks will not be liable and cannot be held liable for any damage caused or any repercussions arising out of such information shared.