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Astro Speaks is an online consulting platform where you can access the best Astrologers in India. Now it’s very easy to consult the best Feng shui experts in India, and get proper guidance for various problems. Do it anywhere and anytime you want, too.

Senthil Nathan M

English, Tamil

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Astro Alisa


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Brahmashri Pradeep Ajai Bhambi


16 years 5


Venkataraman Narayanan

Tamil, Kannada

20 years 4


Venkatesh Bhat

Hindi, Kannada

5 years 4


Murali Mohana Sharma

Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

25 years 4


Kapil Ratra

Hindi, Punjabi

27 years 4


Vishal Bansal


5 years 4


Rashmitha S

Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Telugu

9 years 4


Best Feng Shui Consultants in India

Feng shui is a philosophy. It is all about making our living spaces and working environment attain a state of balance with the natural world. The words come from Chinese. "Feng" means ‘wind’ and "shui" means “water". The idea comes from an ancient poem that describes how human life is connected and flows with the environment surrounding it. In Asia, this philosophy is known as Tao, which means “the way." Taoism is nothing but the way of nature and the core principles of feng shui reflect nature. Taoism goes back to the 6th century BC.

Balance and harmony in your home, diet, or office, can be achieved with the help of feng shui. It is seen as a miracle cure for many problems. The concept of "chi," the energy that feng shui tries to balance, comes from Taoism. Taoism holds that human language cannot explain our existence in this world. Chi is something that exists beyond the physical world. Feng shui believers claim that it can create harmony in the home and improve one’s wealth and well-being.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui can be called the art of arranging buildings, space, objects, and life to create harmony and balance. It works on the belief that invisible forces drive the world. The idea behind Feng shui is removing blocks from the way, so that these forces may flow freely and in the process, create balance.

Both India and China claim to be the birthplace of feng shui. Archeological evidence says that about 5,500 years ago, mystics in India followed the principles of "Vastu Shastra," which means “building science." This science explains how buildings, houses, and cities, should be designed and built. Vastu followers believe that a building is a living organism which has its own energy. Vastu experts examine how the five elements -- earth, water, air, fire, and space affect the world around them. Some historians say that around 3,000 years ago, Indian Vastu experts (mostly monks) entered China through Tibet. Their Vastu principles were adopted by the Chinese and they later developed into the various Feng shui schools.

How Feng Shui works?

Feng shui brings about physical and mental health, good relationships, and success, through positive energy flow. Often called the art of placement, Feng shui positions various elements to optimize “Chi,” or energy. Wind and water are elements that are vital for human existence. They are also elements that move and flow. When their flow is blocked, it causes problems. Similarly, when chi is blocked, it causes problems in our life. feng shui helps us to align our energies with our surroundings. Overcrowded and cluttered spaces increase our stress and drain our energy. Feng shui practitioners can create a conducive environment using a few simple measures. This can create wonders for you by improving your health, love life and finances. By harmonizing the energy flow in your home or office, Feng shui creates positivity in your life.

At Astro Speaks, you can find the best Feng Shui experts who can give you proper guidance on how to use Feng shui principles to make homes and offices more positive and congenial. Get a consultation in real time with our Feng Shui experts and seek their guidance to ward off negative energy from your living spaces that is blocking your progress and happiness. Our Feng shui specialists have many years of experience in the field and many satisfied customers across the country and even abroad.

Famous Feng shui experts online

Astro Speaks has some of the best Feng shui experts on board. They come from all parts of the country and have a wealth of experience and expertise, having helped many people, including celebrities, to effect radical improvements in their personal and professional lives, through the art and science of Feng shui.

With some simple tips from our Feng shui experts, the Chi in your living spaces will begin to flow smoothly bringing harmony and balance into your life. Privacy is guaranteed, and the rates are reasonable too. You can interact with our Feng shui experts using our Talk to an Astrologer feature, in real time, and seek answers to your queries, from the comfort of your home. Online consultation is a very convenient way to get advice from the best Feng shui experts in India. Sign up with Astro Speaks now and get solutions for all your problems.



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