Hematite Mala

Hematite Mala

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Hematite Mala

These malas were energized in a Saturn Fire Lab. Hematite enhances mental activity, balances Yin-Yang energies (male/female) and emotions as well helps those dealing with difficult energies from Saturn. It also dissolves negativity. You can wear this mala or use it to count recitations of quantum sound frequencies.

Quantum Sound Frequency for Saturn: Om Sanecharaya Namaha

Properties: Hematite is associated with natural iron ore, and it is said to have a balancing and grounding effect. It is said to draw together dissipated thoughts into balanced, logical and practical thinking. Useful in stressful, panicky situations as it restores stability.

Due to its connection to iron, it is believed to have a positive effect on disorders related to the blood and circulatory system, including hemophilia, anemia, blood pressure, cardio vascular disorders, etc. 

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