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Rama Raksha Yantra 3 Inch

Rama Raksha Yantra 3 Inch

Your actions reflect your thoughts; when your thoughts are pure, you will perform good deeds and be bestowed with happiness and peace as well as victory consciousness. Lord Rama is the personification of pure thoughts, noble virtues and utter triumph. Upon worshipping him, your thoughts will be purified, your spiritual interests will get upgraded, and you will become a winner.
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What is a Yantra?

Yantras are great cosmic conductors of energy, an antenna of Nature, a powerful tool for harmony, prosperity, success, good health, yoga and meditation.  Yantras are usually made out of copper and consist of a series of geometric patterns. The eyes and mind concentrate at the center of the yantra to achieve higher levels of consciousness.

Why a Rama Raksha Yantra?

Your actions reflect your thoughts. When your thoughts are pure, you perform good deeds and are bestowed with happiness and peace. Lord Rama is the personification of pure thoughts, noble virtues and utter triumph. By praying to him, your thoughts can be purified, your spiritual interests upgraded, and you can become a winner. When you become a spiritually active person, you will yearn for peace and the blessings of God more than any other material pleasure on this earth plane, and you will walk a pathway to enlightenment.

Your clarity of thought plays a vital role in determining your success. The positive energy of Rama can remove your conflicting thoughts and bring you mental peace so you can be focused and clear with the attitude of a winner. It can stabilize your mind and give you an unblocked flow of positive, goal-oriented thoughts.

Your dedicated prayers to this Yantra can stir your soul and bless you with happiness, peace and success. Be assured of tranquility and divinity at your side forever when you possess this Yantra!

Mantra for Rama Raksha Yantra

    Om Daserathaya Vidhmahe
    Sita Vallabhaya Dhi Mahi
    Tanno Rama Prachodayat 

(The specified Mantra is to be recited 108 times as a standard rule; however, changes, if any, will be mentioned at the time of buying.)

How to Use the Rama Raksha Yantra

   •  Place the Yantra facing the East or the North on a clean and sacred altar.
   •  Do not let other people touch the Yantra.
   •  Periodically wash the Yantra with rose water or milk. Then, rinse it with water and wipe it to dry. The Yantra’s color may change over a period of time; however this does not dilute the power of the Yantra.
   •  Place rounded dots of sandalwood paste on the 4 corners and in the center of the Yantra.
   •  Light a candle or ghee lamp and an incense stick in front of the Yantra. You can offer fresh or dry fruits as Prasad, as well.
   •  Chant the Mantra above in front of the Yantra, preferably after you have showered.

The Rama Raksha Yantra soothes the lives of:

   •  People who desire pure thoughts
   •  People who struggle to achieve success in their endeavors
   •  People who crave peace and happiness
   •  People who yearn for a problem-free life
   •  People who want supreme confidence
   •  People who wish for triumphant victory
   •  People who need protection
Product Specifications Information:
Weight 150
Length 3
Breadth 3

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