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Thrikala Pooja

Thrikala Pooja

Thri ot tri means three; kala means time. Thriraka pooja is worship done at the three times of the day
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Thrikala Pooja

What is the Thrikala Pooja?

Thrikala Pooja

The word Thri denotes the number three, and Kala is time. Thrikala Pooja thus means the worship done three times a day, usually in the morning, afternoon and at night.

How is the Thrikala Pooja done and what is its importance?

The Thrikala Pooja is a ritual of worship done to the Mother Goddess. This involves performing special Poojas to the deity three times a day, usually in the morning, afternoon and at night. The presiding deity of this worship is Goddess Bhagavati, who combines in herself supreme power and motherly compassion, and, hence, this ritual is done for propitiating her. This worship is performed generally on Krittika star days, which are considered auspicious for this particular ritual. The frequency at which this needs to be done will depend on the condition of the individual and his or her requirements. The spiritual guides or astrologers can assess the need based on a reading of the birth chart, and, accordingly, this ritual may be performed every month for a period of 7, 13 or even 18 months, as the case may be, on the day of the Krittika star. But the intensity of the affliction or the seriousness of the issue to be resolved can sometimes make them change and decide on a different day and duration for this remedy. (Performing this ritual at the famous Kadampuzha Goddess Bhagavati Temple has a special significance).

What are the benefits of performing the Thrikala Pooja?

People keep facing many problems in life. While the reasons for some of these are known to them, there are also complications which are beyond their knowledge and comprehension. They require God’s grace and divine blessings to tackle various types of problems and overcome them. Performing this Thrikala Pooja would please the Gods and can help get for the devotees their complete blessings. This remedy can thus assist in getting the ability and confidence to solve problems and succeed in life.

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