Jupiter Mala: Diamond Cut Citrine Mala

Jupiter Mala: Diamond Cut Citrine Mala

This is a special diamond cut citrine mala suitable for use for Jupiter. Citrine is a gemstone considered compatible with Jupiter. It can be either worn or used for counting recitations of sounds.
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Jupiter Mala - Diamond Cut Citrine Mala

Citrine is a gemstone compatible with Jupiter. Wearing a citrine mala invokes Jupiter's positive benefits. You may wear this mala or use it to count recitations of quantum sound frequencies.

Jupiter rules higher knowledge, education and brings expansion/growth of anything it touches. Jupiter's energy bring general good luck without effort, finances, wealth, prosperity, children, the spouse, the law, judges and judging, morality, ethics, philosophy, spirituality, religion, teachers, travel and willingness to "trust" and wisdom. When Jupiter's energy is functioning at its highest level, we would expect it to produce gains, good fortune, opportunity, prosperity, higher knowledge, wisdom, benefits from children and the spouse and professionalism.

Quantum Sound Frequency for Jupiter: Om Gurave Namaha

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