Dhanishta Nakshatra Incense 6 Pack

Dhanishta Nakshatra Incense 6 Pack

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Dhanishta born are insightful, charitable and have the capacity to unite people for a common purpose. Those born under the star can connect daily with the energy of their Nakshatra or Birthstar through their personal Nakshatra Incense. This incense is formulated with specific herbs mentioned in the Ancient Vedic texts and is sacred to their Birthstar. They would enjoy the experience of the unique, divine scent!

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Erukku Wicks 100 Wick Pack

Erukku Wicks 100 Wick Pack

Herbal 'erukku' (giant Milkweed in English) lamp wicks, made from the small fibres of the stem of the plant, have the subtle, powerful and miraculous ability, when burned, to destroy and remove negativity from the environment, body and the mind (Siddha medical tradition). Twisting the cotton wicks with the erukku help the erukku wicks to burn slower therefore last longer. These can be used in any oil burning lamp and is especially recommended for a Saturn sesame oil burning lamp.

US $ 21.00
Karuppasamy 2014

Karuppasamy: Karuppasamy Rituals Group Package

Karuppasamy is a 'no nonsense' energy that cuts through all the blocks and gets the job done quickly! Participate in the Karuppasamy Group Rituals to reach out the compassionate God to do justice to you. A Group Fire Ritual will be performed to Karuppasamy at the AstroVed Fire Lab and Remedy Center in Chennai for Karuppasamy. Pooja at His power spots will be performed and food feeding to 27 people will also be performed on the upcoming New Moon, or Full Moon or 8th Waning Moon.

US $ 144.00

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