Jupiter Incense 6 pack

Jupiter Incense 6 pack

Jupiter, also called Guru or Brihaspati, oversees spiritual teachings as well as banking, the law and great wealth. If Jupiter is well placed in your horoscope, then lighting Asvattha incense cones will help your spiritual growth and bless with you with increased optimism, faith and good judgment as well as good fortune.
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If Jupiter, also called Guru or Brihaspati, is placed well in your horoscope then lighting Asvattha incense cones will help you have more spiritualism, optimism, faith and good judgment. However, if Jupiter is ill placed, you may suffer from unhappiness, selfishness, egotism and greed. Lighting Asvattha incense cones nullifies the ill effects of Jupiter and boosts positive energy around you.

Asvattha (Peepal) (Botanical Name: Ficus Religiosa)

Asvattha is the Sanskrit name for Peepal. It has heart-shaped leaves and its fruit turns purple in color when it is ripe.

Note: You will receive 6 packs (or boxes) of incense. Each box will contain 18 incense cones made of Asvattha and a metal plate on which you can light and place the incense cone.

Written Mantra Thiru Neela Kantam - 10008

Clear Karma By Writing Thiru Neela Kantam 10008 Times

This quantum sound frequency invokes the energies of Siva, in the form of a blue light. The mantra literally means 'Blue-throated One' referring to the legend of Siva drinking the poison and his throat becoming blue. This mantra invokes the energies of Siva in the form of a blue light, which removes karma and repetitive negative patterns.

US $ 65.00

Prasna (Horary Astrology)

Instant Insight is a Prasna (Question) or Horary Astrology based on an ancient and unique branch of Vedic Astrology. 'Hora' loosely means 'the hour'. It is also known as 'Prasna Shastra', meaning "Question Ancient Wisdom" as it involves a person asking a specific question and examining the current location of the all planets in the sky. Using the current planetary position, an answer is revealed. Your birth chart is not used.

US $ 11.00

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