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Gho Pooja

Gho Pooja

Gho Pooja denotes the worship of Goddess Kamadhenu, the divine bovine Goddess, who can fulfill all your wishes. Performing Gho Pooja can wipe out all negativity and bestow you with wealth, happiness, and prosperity in life.
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Pooja to Cow, the Sacred Animal

Introduction to Gho Pooja

Gho Pooja

From time immemorial, Indians have considered the cow as a sacred animal and accorded it a special status in all rituals. Gho Pooja means the worship of cow as Goddess Kamadhenu, who according to scriptures is a wish-fulfilling cow, who fulfills all your desires. The Vedas state that the Goddess represents the entire cosmos, where all the Gods, Goddesses, and other celestial beings reside. Worshipping Goddess Kamadhenu on Fridays and feeding cows on a new Moon day is believed to bestow you with peace, prosperity and wealth. Performing Gho Pooja can bring you the blessings of your ancestors and wipe out all bad karma.

Unique Traits of Gho Pooja

Gho Pooja venerates the sacred animal cow and invokes Goddess Kamadhenu, who provides unlimited resources and happiness. Allow the divinity of the Goddess to enter your home and permeate every corner with the positive energy generated by the ritual. Alleviate the sins committed by your ancestors, help overcome business losses, resolve debts and nullify forces inimical to your interests.

Description of Gho Pooja

Perform the Gho Pooja and witness a dramatic turnaround in your fortunes. Experience the grace of the Goddess and let the energy emanating from the ritual fill your life with wealth and abundance.

Our fully trained Vedic priests perform the Gho Pooja, keeping in mind the sanctity of the ritual. Our priests adhere to strict procedures while performing the ceremony. Mantras and hymns are recited with great alacrity to derive the maximum benefits. We perform the Pooja at a venue of your choice and invoke the power of Goddess Kamadhenu to bless you with her benevolence. Fridays that fall during the Tamil month of Thai (mid-Jan. to mid-Feb.) are considered auspicious to perform the Gho Pooja.

Benefits of Gho Pooja

As per scriptures, performing Gho Pooja according to the procedures prescribed in sacred texts can bestow the following blessings:

  • Wipeout Pitru Dosha (ancestral affliction)

  • Bestow wealth and prosperity

  • Resolve debts

  • Remove negative forces

  • Help overcome business losses

  • Remove obstacles

Gho Pooja
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