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WEALTH LAKSHMI: Kanakadhara Lakshmi Abhishekam for 3 Fridays

WEALTH LAKSHMI: Kanakadhara Lakshmi Abhishekam for 3 Fridays

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune. She is one of the Tridevis, the holy trinity of Goddesses and the consort of Lord Vishnu, the supreme God of protection. Lakshmi worship is done with a lot of faith by the people, and it is a firm belief that this can fill their lives with many riches.
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Wealth Lakshmi: Kanakadhara Lakshmi Abhishekam for 3 Fridays

About Kanakadhara Lakshmi Abhishekam

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, prosperity and fortune. She is one of the Tridevis, the holy trinity of Goddesses and the consort of Lord Vishnu, the supreme God of protection. Lakshmi worship is done with a lot of faith by the people, and it is a firm belief that this can fill their lives with many riches.

Kanakadhara Stothram is a very famous hymn dedicated to this Goddess and was composed by the great saint Adi Shankara. As per the legend, once young Shankara went to the house of a poor lady begging for alms, and the woman, who had nothing to give him but a single gooseberry, offered that to him lovingly with all her heart. Her compassion touched Shankara so much that he came out spontaneously with this hymn, pleading with Lakshmi Devi to wipe out the lady’s poverty through her grace. It is said that the Goddess was felt pleased that heeding to Shankara’s appeal, she showered golden fruits immediately in the lady’s hut. Hence this composition, consisting of 21 stanzas, has come to be known as Kanaka Dhara, ‘the hymn that brought in a rain of gold.’

Abhishekam is the hydration ceremony performed to a deity. This is a ritual involving the sacred bath and is believed to be highly effective in purifying our souls and inviting divine energies into them.

Kanakadhara Lakshmi Abhishekam is thus the hydration ceremony performed to the Goddess of wealth amidst the chanting of the hymn, seeking her blessings for relieving devotees from all wants in life.

Why perform this Worship-Ritual?

Worldly life is full of worries, and there cannot be anyone without problems here. Many of those are related to money, while people also experience issues with respect to health, career, relationships, and so on. Our ancients have believed from time immemorial that the results of adverse actions that people perform in their lives get carried forward across several births as Karmic bondage, in the form of sins, but there are, however, some rituals, mantras, and sounds that are capable of minimizing or changing their ill-effects and turning things around for the better.

Kanakadhara hymn is said to possess in it some highly secretive and powerful sounds, and it is believed that it's chanting while performing the Lakshmi Abhishekam is capable of changing even the destiny of people and rescuing them from poverty and distress.

How is Kanakadhara Lakshmi Abhishekam performed?

This worship involves the performance of daily poojas to Mahalakshmi Yantra, a mystical diagram energized with the divine power of the Goddess, and the chanting of the Kanakadhara Lakshmi Stotram. Abhishekam will also be performed to the Goddess on 3 Fridays, a weekday considered special for Lakshmi worship. Devotees can also keep wearing in their foreheads daily, vibhuti, the holy ash and kumkum, the vermillion powder that they will receive after the worship and this will help them to expand the divine blessings in their lives.


Benefits of Kanakadhara Lakshmi Abhishekam

Performing Lakshmi Abhishekam and doing Kanakadhara chanting can earn Lakshmi’s great blessings for the devotees, and help them to attain immense wealth, prosperity and welfare.

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Lakshmi Pooja

Lakshmi Pooja

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth. She is one among the supreme Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon and the divine consort of Vishnu, the supreme God of protection. She is the universal mother and an embodiment of compassion and is believed to represent auspiciousness, fertility, and fortune.

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