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Navagraha Homa and Nakshatra Shanti Homa

Navagraha Homa and Nakshatra Shanti Homa

The Navagraha and Nakshatra Homa is a powerful ritual performed to alter the effects of karma accorded to you by the nine planets, thus changing the course of your destiny. Appeasing the nine planets and acquiring their blessings play a crucial role in resolving difficulties in day-to-day life and charting a course toward peace and happiness.
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Navagraha Homa and Nakshatra Shanti Homa
9-Planet and Birth-Star Blessings Fire Lab

Navagraha Homa and Nakshatra Homa for success and happiness

Navagraha Homa and Nakshatra Shanti Homa

Durga Homa

Unique Traits of the Navagraha Homa and Nakshatra Shanti Homa

The Nakshatra Shanti and Navagraha Homa (Fire Lab) is an important Vedic ritual that guides you to establish a connection with your birth star, which in Vedic astrology is the position of the Moon when you were born, as well as the Navagrahas, or the nine planets that are responsible for your day-to-day karma. Align yourself with the astrological aspects in your birth chart with this combined ritual, which uses Vedic technology, enabling you to change the path of your destiny with planetary support.

Those desiring to benefit from this ritual are advised to perform it at least once a year in their respective month of birth to derive the maximum advantage thereof. The effects of this Homa are life changing and highly recommended for everyone desiring to alter their fortunes. The ritual is of special significance for those aspiring to lead a healthy life and get rid of chronic ailments.

Why Perform Navagraha and Nakshatra Shanti Homa?

The vibrations produced by the chanting of the Vedic mantras while performing this powerful Homa can envelop us like an invisible shield and help drive away ill effects and misfortune. Certain planetary positions with regard to your birth star create negative effects (Doshas), and the unique verses recited during this ritual can subdue the negative effects arising from this phenomenon.


Benefits of the Navagraha and Nakshatra Shanti Homa

Since your birth star influences you a lot, performing the Nakshatra Shanti and Navagraha Homa is considered auspicious and highly recommended. Performing this homa can bestow you the following blessings:

  • Negate the malevolent effects caused by certain planets

  • Enable you to take full advantage of your life

  • Peace, happiness and success in life

Navagraha Homa and Nakshatra Shanti Homa Ceremonies

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