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Shraddha Ritual

Shraddha Ritual

The Shraddha ritual involves offerings to ancestors for their well-being in the afterworld/astral plane. It is performed for departed souls to invoke their blessings and get rid of bad ancestral karma.
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Shraddha Ritual
(Death Anniversary Ritual for Ancestors)

Introduction to Shraddha Ritual

Durga Homa

The Shraddha (Ritual) involves offerings to ancestors for their well-being in the afterworld/astral plane. It is performed for departed souls to invoke their blessings and get rid of bad karma. These rites are performed to honor the souls of your ancestors ascending to Heaven and attaining salvation. According to scriptures, honoring and remembering ancestors through this ritual can free future generations from hardships, protect the family heir, and secure blessings for good progeny.

Unique Traits of Shraddha Ritual

Performing the Shraddha Ritual plays a vital role in your well-being and ability to lead a happy life free from troubles. This ritual can help you break free from the mundane and overcome misery and poverty while elevating your life to a whole new level by elevating the ancestral souls. As per Puranas and sacred Vedic texts, performing Shraddha on the death anniversary day of your family member is believed to secure your place in Heaven, help achieve fame and success and lead a healthy life.

Vedic Guidance for Shraddha Ritual

The unnatural death of family members creates a lot of hindrances for people and hampers them from achieving their true potential. They experience several difficulties, even in trivial matters, and encounter a lot of frustration, which is totally unnecessary. Performing death anniversary rituals is believed to counter the ill effects of this phenomenon and provide the necessary solace for the deceased soul.

Persons Entitled to Perform Shraddha Ritual

The male scion (usually the eldest) is duty-bound to perform the Shraddha ceremony for the soul of the deceased person. In certain traditional practices, only those who have undergone the sacred thread ceremony are entitled to perform these rites. The sacred texts have mentioned it as one of the duties of the son to perform the Shraddha Ritual with deep faith and devotion so that the soul of the deceased gets liberated.

Priest Service for Shraddha Ritual

Our priests are well-trained and can perform the Shraddha Ritual at a venue of your choice. Their supplications nourish and protect the souls of your ancestors and help them move to the higher plane. The Aadi, Thai, or Mahalaya New Moon days or the death anniversary Thithi (Moon phase) are considered appropriated to perform the Shraddha Ritual.


Benefits of Shraddha Ritual

  • Protect family heir

  • Secure blessings for good progeny

  • Achieve fame and success

  • Free future generations from misery

  • Increase longevity

  • Attain blessings from elevated ancestral souls

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