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Shankhabhishekam (Shankha Abishekam) : The Conch Shell Abishekam

Shankhabhishekam (Shankha Abishekam) : The Conch Shell Abishekam

An abishekam is the holy bath given to a deity. This is the sacred hydration ceremony performed for inviting divine energies into our lives. It is a simple but highly effective purification process. We perform such rituals to the deities, who themselves are the embodiments of purity, only because this remains the most practical means of purifying our own souls.
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Shankhabhishekam (Shankha Abishekam) : The Conch Shell Abishekam

What is an Abishekam?


We all know the power of prayer. Spiritualism is an integral part of any religion or faith. Every day, some form of worship is offered to God, be it a prayer, lighting a lamp, or other forms of worship. God is worshipped by offering prayers through rituals as well.

In India, Abishekam is an ancient form of worship followed even today and is performed with Bhakti (devotion). The ritual involves bathing the deity amidst specific holy chants that benefit you immensely. This simple ritual has the power to invigorate the deity to encompass you in a divine aura of blessings.

Divine Nature of the Conch Shell

Elements of nature have been an integral part of worship in Indian culture. The conch shell, the ‘Shankh,’ (in Sanskrit), or Sangu, as it is referred to, symbolizes the divine. The sound emanating from the conch shell is associated with ‘Om,’ the first sound of creation. It signifies purity, auspiciousness, and truth. The royal right-swelled conch shell, an imperial symbol of Sri Padmanabha (Vishnu), is the state emblem of Kerala.

When conch shells are blown, they have the power to purify the environment from negative effects and energy. According to the Vedas, the conch shell is the abode of Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, and Kubera, the Divine Treasurer.

Why You Should Perform the Shankhabishekam

Shankhabishekam or Sangu Abishekam is being practiced for many centuries and plays an integral part in rituals. A conch shell is a sacred element in the Pooja (offering). The conch represents the mind and the water it contains, the thoughts.

The Ernakulam Shiva Temple also called the Ernakulathappan Temple, is dedicated to Shiva at Ernakulam, Kerala. The presiding deity is Gaurishankar, another form of Shiva. The Lingam in the main sanctum is a Swayambhu (self-manifested). The Shankhabishekam is performed early in the morning, using pure water in a conch shell, with specific mantras chanted.

Immense Benefits of Shankhabishekam

The conch shell reflects the devotion in your worship of God, who is benevolent. The right threaded conch shell, known as Valam Puri Shankh or the Lakshmi Shankh (conch shell), is very sacred. You are blessed with great benefits.

  • You will be bestowed with spiritual blessings.
  • There will be immense peace and prosperity in your home.
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  • All negativity will be removed from your home.
  • You will have clarity of thought and spiritual upliftment.
  • *Any ritual offered with reverence will positively change your life.

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