Prasna Nadi 5 Question

Prasna Nadi 5 Question

Shiva Sukshama Nadi Prasna service.
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Due to the global crisis, there is a delay in shipping prasad to International orders outside of India. We will send as soon as we can. There will be no delay in shipping prasad for domestic orders.

If you have obtained your Shiva Nadi reading through AstroVed, you can immediately obtain this special Nadi Prasna where the answers to 5 important questions are obtained through your Nadi leaves.

If you have not yet ordered your Shiva Nadi reading through AstroVed, you can place your order for chapters 1, 13 and 14 to receive your lifetime predictions and most importantly the precise remedies prescribed by Lord Shiva. After your Nadi leaf is identified, you can order this special Nadi Prasna service.

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