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2016 Horoscope - Uncover the 2016 Mystery of Your Up and Down Times

2016 Horoscope Predictions - The association of the year 2016 in many prophecies has contributed many folds to the cloud of speculation building around the year 2016.

Although people in general have been quite receptive and conscious of Vedic Astrology's ability to enlighten people of the unknown times ahead; the thirst for knowing the unknown has increased dramatically in recent times, especially in the dawn of the year 2016.

If you are one such soul, in qualms about what kind of future lies ahead in 2016, a to-the-point forecast for 2016 is what you need by your side. Based on Moon signs, the Horoscope 2016 predictions warn you of impending down times and up times in 4 core areas of your life: Money, Relationship, Career, Health.

Why You Need a Personalized 2016 Horoscope Forecast?

  • Your Personalized 2016 Horoscope Prediction report will be based on the major period (Dasa) and minor period (Bhukthi) influences of various planets on you. It gives you an expert insight into different aspects of your life, allowing you to take calculated and informed decisions.
  • The personalized 2016 Horoscope Prediction report will be in a simplified form,focusing on 4 important areas of your life; namely Money, Career, Romance and Relationship, Health. This facilitates your mind to be centered on the areas which really needs your attention.
  • This simplified prediction will be given on a monthly basis, informing you about the Overall Time Indication, hence giving you a panoptic view of your future.
  • Personalized 2016 Horoscope Prediction report also evaluates the varying influence of various planetary transits on you. So you are always prepared for the best and worst at the same time.
  • Most importantly your Personalized 2016 Horoscope Prediction report will prescribe you the specific remedies based on the magnitude of malefic influences you might undergo, which is of course based on your birth chart.
Identification of Good/Bad Planets

Identification of Good/Bad Planets

Do you believe in taking successful decisions that take you closer to your desired goal? If yes, then it is important for you to understand how you can make use of the planetary positions in your chart to support your endeavors. Know your Good and Bad Planets and act smartly.

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Identify your Favorable Deity

Identify Your Favorable Deity- Special Report

Identify your favorable deity is a special report that will let you know about the deity that is favorable for you and can help you in trouble. Our expert astrologers will go through your birth chart and identify the rituals that will help appease the deity.

US $ 28.00

Kala Sarpa Report

Get a head’s up as to what will happen phase by phase. The Kala Sarpa report is applicable for the people born in and within the dates mentioned in the Landing page and it will help to analyze whether they have Kala Sarpa Dosha or Kala Sarpa Yoga. This report will give you a more detailed look at the influences of Rahu and Ketu on your particular birth chart. You will have info to know when to act and when to wait.

US $ 40.00
Karmic Astrology Report

Karmic Astrology Report (Past Life Influence Report)

Karmic Astrology Report (Past Life Influence Report) This report will suggest to you the most effective remedies to get rid of your bad karmas as well as the karma you inherited from your ancestors.

US $ 37.00
One Year Detailed Money & Prosperity Report

One Year Detailed Money & Prosperity Report

Our Vedic astrologer helps you discover what the year ahead has in store for you by analyzing your planetary positions and the 2nd, 6th and 11th houses. Jupiter and Venus are the planets that are generally connected with finances and analyzing the specific houses will help you analyze the status/sources of income, expenses etc.

US $ 37.00

Progeny Astrology Report

You may be longing for the joy of a cradle in your home and could have passed through many disparaging ways to fulfill that great desire. But, if you are still not satisfied, you can obtain the divine help of Vedic Astrology, which may bring hope and fulfillment of becoming a parent.

US $ 37.00

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