Parvati Fire Lab (Homa)

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Parvati Fire Lab and the Deity

Goddess Parvati is the chief deity of this powerful Fire Lab. She is the Shakti who empowers you with positive energy to fulfill your responsibilities on the earth plane--the divine feminine energy who acts behind the entire Universe.
Speciality of Parvati Fire Lab

This powerful Fire Lab encircles you and your family with positive vibrations paving a way for happiness, harmony and success. It strengthens your bond with your life partner resolving conflicts in your relationship. Blessings of Goddess Parvati will nullify the negative impacts on your family and gifts you with prosperity and a problem-free life forever!

Recommended Timings for Parvati Fire Lab

Chaturtashi and the first day of the Tamil month are considered to be the most suitable Tithis for performing the Parvati Fire Lab. Pournami, Amavasai, Ashtami and Navami are the other days that can also be chosen to perform this Fire Lab.

Mantra for Parvati Fire Lab

Om Kleem Parvatiyei Namaha

Benefits of Parvati Fire Lab

  • Removes the impact of negative forces on your family
  • Brings about harmony, happiness and unity in your family
  • Strengthens your relationship with your life partner to cherish forever

Parvati Fire Lab enlightens the lives of:

  • People who yearn for family harmony
  • People who wish to strengthen their relationship with their better halves
  • People who long for a hitch free life
  • Families who crave to overcome negative influences