Parvati Beauty Fire Ritual (Homa)

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Why Parvati Beauty Homa?

Parvati Beauty Homa adds the element of beauty to your life! Your beauty can be made even more enchanting by performing this Homa. Physical appearance will no longer be an obstacle for the achievements in your life!

Parvati Beauty Homa and the Deity

Goddess Parvati is the chief deity of this powerful Homa. She is an embodiment of beauty, an incarnation of Goddess Shakthi. The serenity that rests in her face can soothe your mind and soul!

Speciality of Parvati Beauty Homa

This beauty enhancing ritual appeases the Goddess to smarten your appearance. The Homa instills pure thoughts in your mind; thereby making your looks more elegant and charming.

Recommended Timings for Parvati Beauty Homa

This ritual is best done on Fridays. It can be done on 4th Moon, 4th Moon, 13th Moon, 14th Moons and Full Moon Phases. It should be done at the auspicious Moon or Venus Horas.

Mantra for Parvati Beauty Homa

Om Hreem Sundharambigaayai Namah

Benefits of Parvati Beauty Homa

  • Blesses you with crystal clear mind and thoughts
  • Enhances your beauty and charm
  • Infuses self confidence

Parvati Beauty Homa beautifies the lives of:

  • People who are longing for remedies to improve their charm and beauty
  • People who want to get rid of unambiguous thoughts
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