Moola Nakshatra Fire Lab (Homa)

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Moola Nakshatra Fire Lab and the Deity

The Star Moola is energized and called upon in this powerful Fire Lab. The mysterious snake planet Ketu is the ruler of the Star Moola. The deity of this Nakshatra is “Alakshmi”; the God of ill luck.

Speciality of Moola Nakshatra Fire Lab

The core of the ceremony involves bringing to the fore, the Nakshatra Moola by itself, to perform “Shanti”/soothing the planet. On performing this Fire Lab, the native will be blessed with positivity that overrules the adversity. Also, the ruler Ketu and the Deity Alakshmi are appeased for well being.
Recommended Timings for Moola Nakshatra Fire Lab

Moola Nakshatra Fire Lab can be done during any auspicious Horas (Budha, Guru, or Shukra Hora) on the Moola star day.
Mantra for Moola Nakshatra Fire Lab

Om jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

Benefits of Moola Nakshatra Fire Lab

  • Empowerment for Parents of Moola Daughter
  • Negates negative influences caused by the Star over the native
  • Successful and prosperous life
  • Alleviates ill effects from the marital life
  • Increases marital harmony
  • Helps accomplish endeavors that are undertaken
  • Brings the “Luck Factor” into the native’s life

Moola Nakshatra Fire Lab brings benefits to:

  • Girls born under the Birth Star Moola
  • The parents of daughters who are born under Moola Nakshatra