Lakshmi Fire Lab (Homa)

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Fire Lab for Goddess Lakshmi 

This Fire Lab invokes Goddess Lakshmi as chief archetype. It is conducted by a fully qualified Vedic specialist. Lakshmi is a Goddess of purity, grace, beauty and abundance, including material comforts, wealth and money.

As an embodiment of purity, Goddess Lakshmi prefers to come into a clean space and a heart that is filled with gratitude and love. 

Goddess Lakshmi brings prosperity, comforts and joy into your life. Participating in Lakshmi Fire Lab helps destroy demons of poverty and scarcity consciousness. Ask her to grant you inexhaustible wealth and abundance, now and always. 

Make room for her by cleaning your space and forgiving anyone you are angry with. Call on her to guide you toward purity at all times, in every area of your life. Allow yourself to receive her blessings for abundance and beauty.

Purpose of Lakshmi Fire Lab: Manifesting Goals, Especially Financial Ones

The name Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksme, meaning "goal." ASK Lakshmi to bless your specific, targeted goals for worldly attainments and spiritual success. Lakshmi Fire Lab is also known as Lakshmi Homa or Lakshmi Homam.

Suggested Timings for Lakshmi Fire Lab

Our scheduler works with our astrologers to set the best time for your Lakshmi Fire Lab. In Vedic Astrology, Goddess Lakshmi rules planet Venus. Venus rules Fridays. In some cases, our astrologers recommend Lakshmi Fire Lab to be done on 5th Moon (Panchami, suitable for focus on Goddess) and 11th Moon (Ekadasi, suitable for focus on money) phases that fall on Fridays. However, there may be other times they will schedule based on your birth star or other consideration.

Mantra(s) for Lakshmi Fire Lab

Om Shreem Brzee Lakshmiyei Swaha
Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalakshmi Swaha

Simple Lakshmi Mantra You May Chant Or Write Regularly

Shreem Brzee

Benefits of Lakshmi Fire Lab

  • Increase positive thinking and goal-orientation
  • Experience success, abundance of wealth, peace, and prosperity in life
  • Manifest material plane comforts (vehicle, home, property, etc.)
  • Banish scarcity consciousness and scarcity of money and stabilize finances
  • Manifest positive results in business and improvements in profession
  • Live with more elegance and refinement in all areas
  • Receive enough money to take care of yourself with surplus to help others
  • Enjoy beauty and live with joy

Sponsoring this Fire Lab once a year helps promote positivity, material comforts and steady cash flow. Those working on serious business goals may wish to perform more frequently.

Beneficiaries of Lakshmi Fire Lab:

 Dr. Pillai has said Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, sponsored many, many fire ceremonies for Goddess Lakshmi over several past lives, resulting in him becoming one of the richest persons in the world.

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US $ 148.00