Kala Bhairava Fire Lab (Homa)

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Kala Bhairava Homa and the Deity

Lord Kala Bhairava, the manifestation of Lord Shiva is the chief deity of this powerful Homa. He is twirled with serpents all around his body and his divine vehicle is the dog. On pleasing this deity, you will be powered with the habit of punctuality.

Speciality of Kala Bhairava Homa

You might be a super intelligent personality, but it comes to the lime light only when you manage your time efficiently. Time management is not always an independent logical technique to apply, but it needs a divine push factor for its complete execution--this will approach you on worshipping Kala Bhairava, the Lord of time. He will rescue you from unfortunate events in life.

On performing the Kala Bhairava Homa, you will be blessed with the capacity to work ahead of your time schedules. He will relieve you from debts; pave the way for abundant income and improve your financial status among the society.

Recommended Timings for Kala Bhairava Homa

8th waning moon

Mantra for Kala Bhairava Homa

  • Swarnat Vijaya Vidmahe
  • Sula Hastaya Dhimahi
  • Tanno Kala Bhairavaya Prachodayat
  • You can also chant this Mantra:
  • Om Hram Kala Bhairavaya Namaha

Benefits of Kala Bhairava Homa

  • Blesses you with divine time management skills
  • Guards you against accidents and other unforeseen events
  • Blesses you with time management skills, positive energy and success
  • Relieves you from debts and improves your financial status
  • Liberates your negative Karma

Kala Bhairava Homa revitalizes the lives of:

  • People who yearn to sharpen their time management skills
  • People who crave for a debt-free life
  • Professionals who aim for multitasking abilities
  • People who desire to establish their financial status
  • People who want to get rid of their negative karma
  • People who want to overcome debts 
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