Chandi Fire Lab (Homa)

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This Fire Lab is dedicated to Goddess Durga, also called Goddess Chandi, the very embodiment of the primordial energy of creation, sustenance and destruction of the entire universe. She signifies the sum total of all living beings and is endowed with tremendous powers which only accentuate her seemingly limitless attributes. The Chandi Fire Lab invokes her divine blessings to triumph over evil forces that hinder us from leading wholesome lives. This ritual enables us to neutralize forces inimical to our interests, overcome obstacles, ward off evil eyes, remove curses and cleanse our bodies and souls of negative energies.

Unique Traits of Performing the Chandi Fire Lab

The Chandi Fire Lab is a unique procedure performed to lift you from the mundane, achieve success in all endeavors and experience the positive aspects of a life befitting your status. Remove the shroud of negativity surrounding your aura, gain confidence in your abilities and attain lasting peace and prosperity. Perform the Chandi Fire Lab to lead a blessed life free from bad karma and negativity with the divine protection of Goddess Durga.

Description of Performing the Chandi Fire Lab

The Chandi Fire Lab is an elaborate ritual performed by 9 priests with years of experience, since several deities are felicitated during this ritual. This complex and powerful Fire Lab requires extreme care and reverence to achieve the desired results. Reciting the Slokas contained in the 13 chapters of Durga Saptashati is an essential part of the ceremony. As many as 700 secret and powerful mantras in praise of Goddess Durga are recited. Girl children between the ages of 2 and 10 are an integral part of the ceremony. These children are worshipped and honored, then offered dress and other gifts. Performing this Fire Lab once a year is said to bestow one with the power to fulfill and accomplish one’s desires.

Benefits of Performing the Chandi Fire Lab

  • Overcome obstacles and hurdles
  • Resolve problems
  • Manifest your desires
  • Attain success in your endeavors
  • Accomplish your goals
  • Ward off evil eyes
  • Overcome curses
  • Enjoy lasting health and prosperity

Chandi Homa Mantra:

"Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichhe"

54 bead mala necklace

54 Bead Mala Necklace with All the Gemstones Sacred to the 9 Planets

Mala beads are a special rosary used for counting recitations of mantras. Typically they come in a necklace form with either 108 or 54 beads. (Twice around a set of 54 beads equals a count of 108.) This special 9 Planet Mala contains the Gemstones for all of the nine planets. When you use mala beads of this type, you are propitiating all of the 9 planets to bring positive changes to your life.

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Shiva Shakti Mala

Meditating with this mala or wearing it brings in balance and harmony of the masculine energy of cause and feminine energy of effect. Meditating with this mala or wearing it brings in balance and harmony of the masculine energy of cause and feminine energy of effect. The word Rudraksha literally means Shiva Tears. The Mythological story goes that Lord Shiva once went into deep meditation for the well being of all living creatures. When he woke up, he opened his eyes and tear drops fell on the

Jupiter Fire Lab(Homa)

Jupiter Fire Lab (Homa)

Jupiter is considered to be the teacher of the mankind who governs religion and spiritualism. It has been proven astrologically that Jupiter is the planet of Success. Jupiter is the other term for excellence; he is the teacher, the priest, and the crusader of life. Lord Jupiter represents the higher mind, the vision of truth, optimism, indulgence, wisdom, and desire.

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Ketu Pooja

Ketu Pooja

Ketu is a Nodal planet. It does not own any sign in the natural zodiac. However, it acts as an agent for the owner of the sign in which it is placed and also as an agent for the overlord of the star in which it is placed. Ketu when placed in a fiery sign would render a fierce nature and will exploit all subjects with an aggressive thirst of quest.

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Mars Fire Lab(Homa)

Mars Fire Lab (Homa)

Mars is fiery and passionate planet. If in your chart, Mars is weak or badly placed he will create debts (credit card, medical, mortgage), diseases and relationship problems. A positive Mars gives courage, healing and financial discrimination. Performing Mars Fire Lab helps control its malefic effects for your well-being.

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Mercury Fire Lab(Homa)

Mercury Fire Lab (Homa)

Mercury concerns the mind, and your sign and house position influences the mysterious way you put it all together up there. It determines how you make sense of your world, formulate ideas and share them with others. Your speech patterns, communication style, sense of humor, quickness of thought – all these are flavored by the position of your Mercury.

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Saturn Fire Lab(Homa)

Saturn Fire Lab (Homa)

Saturn is the most dreadful planet among all the other planets. While he transits to your zodiac, he makes sure that he puts you through trials and tribulations. Even people, who had been successful all through their life, suffer significantly during their Saturn period. You must know that all his rough attempts are merely to guide you on the perfect path of life.

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Venus Fire Lab(Homa)

Venus Fire Lab (Homa)

There is a popular phrase that states that the "Men are from Mars and the Women are from Venus". Women are the emerging power now and in the centuries to come. Venus governs the "Female" gender; whereas the Mars rules men. Today, women's economic and social participation is considered as a standard requirement for a nation's healthy democratic development.

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